Paruppu Podi

Written by taste buds


  1. madhu

    Hi, i am new to this site.plz clear my doubt.u said 2 big garlic, 2 big in the sense 2 cloves of garlic or 2 whole bunch of garlic and that too garlic should be fried or not.If we kept the raw garlic will it taste fine.

  2. Visitor

    Hi Mullai

    I’ve been a big fan of your recepes. Here, in this recepe, Udacha Kadalai – is it fried Pori kadalai? Or fried Kadalai paruppu? I am confused. Can u please clear my doubt?

    1. Visitor

      Hey if u are in Tamilnadu, u can go to any provision store and ask for udachai kadalai or pottukadalai.In google image search type fried channa, u will have an idea as to how a udachaikadali will look like.

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