Olive Pickle

Written by S.Priya

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  1. jlakshmi


    Do these Olive taste like our Nellikkai ( Gooseberry), I want to know how it tastes before trying this..


    1. priyasudha

      Lakshmi…olives wont tastes like nellikkai but the flesh ressembles like nellikkai..its completely different from gooseberries..hope i cleared ur doubt..

  2. abhimuthu

    I love Olives and you have made it our Indian style pickle. Hve not tried yet. cant wait to try. thank you so much.

    1. shan

      Abimuthi, namakku Olive entha kadaila kidaikum ? Do you have any idea ? If you find any pls let me know dear… 

       Have a great day

      1. abhimuthu

        Olives are available in BJ wholesale/COSTCO, Shoprite. If you want to buy in bulk with a good deal BJ’s is the best. they sell tinned/bottled olives in bulk for ver reasonable prices. Thansk Shan.
        Hope this helps.

  3. Anja

    This looks yummy Priya, what olives are you using, are these the common ones which are available in a jar with brine?

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