Mysore Pak

Written by Mullai

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  1. sathya prakash

    Hi Mullai,

    I am a great fan of your recipes. I have tried many and everything turned out well in the first attempt. I made mysore pak yesterday but it was not very good. 🙁 The taste was good, it was soft to touch, no raw gram flour smell but while eating we felt like we were eating sand. I dont know how to explain this. Tamil la solanum na nara nara nu irundadu. While i added the gram flour to sugar syrup, it was crumbly. It was not like paste as seen in picture. I love mysore pak and would like to have proper one. Pls help me out.

    Happy Tamil New Year 🙂

  2. Roopa

    Hi Mullai,

    Have tried ur mysorpak recipe so many times….come out awesome everytime….tx for such a wonderful recipe.


  3. shalini

    HI MULLai,
    I have treied lots of ur recipes and all came out well.. but this mysore pak was a flop it was very hardlike stone.. may i know the reason for it?

    1. Mullai

      Shalini, i am sorry to hear that but this one is a tricky sweet which needs quite a lot of practice to master. It doesn’t turn the same way each time unless you are professional or lala. Even for me its was a trouble maker at first and then by practice slowly fixed my mistakes. Once the desired consitency reaches you have to switch off orelse there’s chance of it turning hard. Better luck next time.

  4. sowmya sandeep

    Hi Mullai,
    This was my second attempt and it was far far better. it was not dark brown and hard like last time. But it had a raw gram flour taste. is it because my roasting was not enough or some other reason?

    1. Mullai

      That could be one of the reason also we may never know about the expiry date of such stuff, which most Indian stores never attempt to do. So sometimes stale items can resort to such problems. Congrats on surviving the second attempt. Thanks.

  5. sini__gosh

    Thanks Mullai for sharing this wonderful recipe.It came out very well , the taste was excellent and it was also very soft.This was my sixth attempt and finally i got it right.Thanks to you again.

  6. Swathika Gopinath

    Hi Mullai,

    I tried this on Diwali! It came out very well but not exactly like urs in colour.It was in brown colour….I think I fried for a long time. But it was very soft and tasty….Thanks for ur recipe:)

  7. sangiridhar

    hai mullai!!!

    i love to visit ur web page n discover u r recipe n comes out with excellent result with simple steps……….i hv not tried mysorepak as viewers gone through … i m scare to do …but trust me i hv been do seven cup in regular basis ,it turns gud(n taste like mysorepak)here is my recipe….hope it helps ohters tooo……..

    sangita giridhar

    Seven Cups Cake


    Gram flour [split chick pea] : 1 cup
    Ghee : 1 cup
    Grated coconut : 1 cup
    Fresh milk : 1 cup
    Sugar : 3 cups

    Method :

    1. Mix Gram flour, ghee, grated coconut, fresh milk and sugar in a bowl.
    2. Heat a pan and pour the above mixture into it.
    3. Stir the mixture continuously and bring it to boil.
    4. Continue stirring on a low heat until the mixture thickens and leaves the sides of the pan.
    5. Turn out in to a plate greased with ghee and allow to warm.
    6. Cut into small cubes / diamonds.

    1. julietjefrin

      Hey Sangi….

      I tried you recipe for mysore pak…It was damn good man….It came out real good..Thank you so much sangi….Why dont you post this instead of giving this as a comment…..???





  8. shan

    Done. Tastes was great. As u mentioned i followed the step by step instructions. Came out excellent. Thanx for the receipe. Tasted a bit it was awesome.

    Have a great day

  9. abi

    Hi mullai,
    try this today with small quantity (kutti karandila measure panninen) turns great. next time going to try with large amt…… thanku sooooo much……..keep it up

  10. Kri_Shanthy

    Hi Mullai,
    thank u so much for all these wonderful recceipes!!! I tried mysore pak yesterday, and turned out marvelous…everybody in my family enjoyed it!
    “Intha seevai thodara…enathu vaalthukal”, thanks again

  11. ambika

    oh my god !! i just can’t believe it..just now i made this mysore pak with ur recipe and my little came out awesome..thank u so much..whenever i try new recipe frome ur site,it gives me a feel like “phoo ivvalavu thaana”, i can do it..i like ur way of presentation too..keep it up.

  12. Madhavi

    hi mullai

    i feel very unfortunate that i was unaware of ur website all these days…
    Last week i got ur link in google…
    i tried a couple of recipes from your site…. it came very well….
    to my surprise all your basic recipes starting from rasam,urundai kozhmabu… everything resembles my amma’s….
    which i dont find in any of the other sites…..
    really really happy….
    nowadays i never leave a single day without browsing ur site…
    the way you present your recipes with a picture will make even beginners hesitating to try new recipes to cook…

    hats off


    1. Mullai

      Madhavi, thanks for being such a great fan of spiceindiaonline. Its been a year since started and slowly its starts showing up on the google search. Anyways, hope you enjoy your time spent here and thanks again for your appreciation.

  13. priyam

    hi mullai,

    i am sure u should have made kesari for some occasion. when u are an expert in so many. so could u pls post the kesari receipe. as i tried many times its not a great success. but i think today i made it and was good. but still want the right measurements for ingredients.. thanks

  14. Shwetha

    I tried mysorepak today. It looks good but I may have fried it a little extra.This is the first time I did the sugar syrup. That could be the problem.But I am not going to give up so soon will try again.

  15. shenbi

    Hi Mullai,

    Tried this recipe,Milk Khoa and Thattai for Diwali. Mysore pak was a super-duper flop.It became like podi. I tried adding warm water and it became halwa. The rest two turned out really good.


  16. vijayalakshmi

    Hi mullai,

    I tried ur mysorepak recipe for diwali but i could not make it with good shape.
    the taste was so good but it became like halwa.
    I need ur advice on final stage of adding ghee and stirring.I think thats were i went wrong.
    Actually i excatly doubled all the contents(1 cup of flour,sugar,2 cup ghee and 1/2 cup water).
    Initially till mixing the flour in sugarpagu evrything was fine.
    But when i poured ghee,I poured 1 cup and eventhough i kept on stirring it did not turn as paste and became like pori.
    So i saw the tip that was provide and added some water but then it dissolved as paste but could not hold it long enough on the stove till all ghee was absorbed bcos it started turning dark brown.So i switched off when it was still in halwa stage and when i transferred it to the tray it did not became hard and was still very very soft.
    So please tell me some tips while adding ghee.How to add it exactly?Im trying to prepare it again.

    1. Mullai

      Hello Vijaya,

      I think there's something wrong with the string consitency, may be… you might have added the flour before that stage. I don't see anything wrong with adding ghee, except you pouring all at once. It has to be added little by little. I'm not that familiar with adding water (the tip you mentioned) , moreover that tip is for a different consitency(when it becomes like crumbles). Anyways, check the string consistency for the second batch. Good luck.

  17. Radha Arvindh

    Hi mullai..Gave it a try but then I guess I had roasted it for a longer time(actually had recieved a phone call <: (> ) the color of it changed to brown..Tastes good(I don’t get any burnt tatse either)..but then not appealing as u have shown in the above pic…Anyway’s planning to give it a try to get the actual outcome.


    Radha Arvindh 

    1. Mullai

      Radha, mine too is not that appealing…those store bought ones in sparkling golden colour with dripping ghee… yum yum!! Anyways, taste matters most and I'm glad you have succeeded in that aspect. Hope you didn't double the quantity, did you???

      1. Radha Arvindh

         Hi Mullai..

        Ha.ha ha..Good question.Yep ,I did double it.. (Over confidence vanthuduchu..I thought I might not mess up).Anyway's, nothing went wrong apart from the color..My husband liked it and asked me to name it as coco burfi (How'z that)..I normally don't give up things till I succeed..(Nature antha mathiri)..Shall surely succeed and post the comments..2nd batch of Thattai was successfully completed today.Btw I had sent a mail in ur feedback forum ..pls do consider that as a suggestion and nothing besides it..


        Radha Arvindh 

  18. Visitor

    hi mullai

    have a question

    is channa besan and gram flour are the same or different. as i planned to tru ur mysore pak.. its tempting me alot.

  19. girijavijay

    hi mullai,
    i tried this for the same measurements given here. the taste was good but the end product came more like halwa. i dont know where i went wrong.

    1. Mullai


      I think you have taken little early. Intially it would look like halwa, then it will roll up like a thick ball leaving the sides of the pan. You should look for this patham and remove. Better luck next time.

  20. mercyusha

    Hi Mullai

    My husband was asking me for this for a long time, but I wasn’t in a mood to cook this particular item these days. After seeing this in your site, I was tempted to try and atlast I found time to prepare it today. Though the taste is superb, it is too soft. Need to do it pakka next time. Thanks Mullai!!!


    1. Roar

      Hi Vidya,Nice to hear that you tried this halwa and came out well. If you want to make pieces, you have to stir the halwa till it leaevs the sides of the vessel and when you stir it will be like a big ball and the consistency will be like a thick dough. Normally when you spread it on a greased plate and allow to cool for sometime, you can easily cut the pieces. To get a perfect pieces, gently cut the halwa with sharp knife and using the Dosa Spatula, lift the pieces from the plate.

    1. Mullai

      You must cut, while its still in halwa stage, orelse it will turn like crumbs. Manoo has given a tip which you can try. Instead of water you can also try with Milk, but then it won't stay long.

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