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  1. VV

    Hi Mullai, I was looking for a murukku recipe and I am much appealed by your recipe, just one more thing is there anything we can substitute for butter….


  2. sumasuj

    Thanks mullai, this was the first time i tried to make murukku.. to my surprise it came out really well.. the magic is the perfect recipe.. thanks

  3. Aruna

    mullai no need to fry urad flour and rice flour right ? and one more question is it ok to use non stick kadai for deep frying , what do u think?

  4. Anithasam

    Anitha Sam
    Dear Mullai my friend and myself tried this for Christmas. This was the first time I was making Murruku and was confident because of using your recipe. It came out excellent- even I myself was stunned. It tasted as a professional cook had made it. Thanks for your awesome input and perfect ratio of ingredients!!

  5. reshatha

    i made this receipe yesterday and it turned so good everybody in my house loved it. your receipe proportions are so perfect the murruku turned out crispy and tasty. thanks a lot mullai.can u pls post the receipe for kesari.

  6. Suganswami

    You know what, Mullai, this was the first recipe which I made from the site and succeeded in the first attempt itself. Belated thanks for that. And I was just visiting after that. Then started giving comments. After brushing, my coffee (I don’t drink coffee or tea. So, I’ve no idea about good c or t. Pls, give me a tip to make perfect ones without tasting it) used to be yahoo inbox. Now, it is Spiceindiaonline. Just a flashback… opened up when I saw this murukku again…

  7. Sri

    HI Mullai, I tried this receipe in my own style and it came out so tasty. My son loves cripsy snacks and buying a small pack of murukku wasn’t cost effective. I decided to make myself. I didn’t have uradflour and i couldn’t get it anywhere. So i roasted it for few seconds and added water (as my dry mixie stopped functioning as well) and put it in the juicer. It came out so tasty for the first try.
    The ratio you give is fantastic. Keep up the good work. This site not only make all wives/mum a good cook but bring we Indians together.

    1. Mullai

      Nice work Sri ! yeah unless you have a dry coffee grinder at home, its not that easy to grind a small quantity. Good to know you succeeded in finding a solution.


  8. Visitor


    You need to deep fry them,see that your oil is hot enough before frying. This might be the only reason why your muruku is not crispy.

  9. vijayalakshmi Udaiappa

    Hi Mullai,
    I tried this today but i dont know what i did actually it is not crispy,but i followed the proceedure exactly kindly let me abt ur thought.

  10. Radha Arvindh

    Hi Mullai..

    Successfully finished the second lot today.It had come out very well..Both the batches turned out well..So thought of conveying it again.So how was ur diwali.!!!!Hope u enjoyed the day..


    Radha Arvindh 

    1. Mullai

      Hi Radha,

      Great!! hope you had a wonderful day. Nothing much over here, just another ordinary day.. did pooja, enjoyed a good meal with sweets. Actually took a day off from my website work and got myself glued "as you would say" to the TV programs.

  11. Radha Arvindh

    Hi Mullai..

    This was the last item prepared by me for diwali.This was the very first time I had ever prepared Muruku so never attempted to double the quantity.But then it was a super hit!!!I guess, I might have to start over with the second batch tomorrow..hee heee..Thank’s Mullai..Hope u r enjoying ur day with ur family!!!!


    Radha Arvindh 

  12. RamyaM

    i thought, preparng murukku is a very tough process.but now i wonder how i made it very fast very tasty.awesome mullai.ths s going to becom a regular snack in our home.thanx a lot

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