More Kulambu

Written by danalakshmi

am very friendly, carrying and short temper. i have one daughter and am busy with her all the times. my hubby is very supportive,he is the one to first test my recipe.



  1. Anusundar

    hi dana,your recipe is very nice. can u pls say how much rice & toor dhall we have to soak…what 1 T stands for?.Sorry for this silly question .

  2. Lakshmi80

    hi dana,

    the recipe was delicious.usually i prepare it very thin or thick.this time the recipe was simple great .Thanks for your tips.


  3. shamma

    shamma Hi Dhana, Ur receipe is great.Asathureenga ponga!!!!!!.looking for more receipes.All the best. ………Shameera farukh………….

  4. vidhyajayaram

    one of my favourite….romba naal naan more kulambu pannalai….today i am going to do it..thanx for sharing….

  5. Busy Bee

    Looks good… You can also grind dry red chillies with curd and make this curry,,,, Nalla irukum… Although vadai is added we also call it more kulambu….

  6. Arthi Selva


    Hi danalakshmi,

    very good recipe.. My mom used to prepare this recipe.. she used to put masal vadai..
    Ur instructions are very clear and good..

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