Mixed Vegetable Sambaar

Written by taste buds


    1. varshitha


            i just got this from one of the sites..haven't tried so far …so no queries …

      Ingredients needed: Small onions-3kg, 6 whole garlic pods, mustard seeds-200gms, fenugreek seeds-100gms, split black gram-250gms, cumin seeds-250grams, salt especially crystal salt-2 handfuls, castor oil-200ml,
      Remove the outer skins and chop onions and garlic finely. Add all the other things with it. These combined ingredients are always pressurised and smashed in a ‘ural’ lightly. Instead you can crush them with a hammer lightly so that they can be moulded into balls.[lemon sized balls]. Take care not to crush them in full force then the juice will ooze out. Make the balls and place them all in a flat plate. Dry them in hot sun. In the evening, break all of them, add half of the castor oil, mix well and make balls again. In the morning, place them on the plate and again let it dry on the heat of the sun. Again in the evening do the same process using the other half portion of the castor oil. These balls must be dried in the hot sun for 4 or 5 days until they are well dried.. Then you can keep them for a whole year-even for more days.

    2. Sadhanaraveen

      HI Mangala

      karuvadagam can be made at home, but i donno the recipe….But i m sure thata it is available in most of the Indian store,,,donno abt US…sorry abt that.

      Sadhana Raveen

  1. vidhyajayaram

    hi sadhana, unga sambar romba nalla erukku…..adding tomatoes always gives more taste…sadhana enakku romba naal oru doubt erukku….i heard one of my friend saying that using more tomatoes will cause stone in kidney…..is it true? i use more tomatoes…..

    1. manjupriya

      Hi Vidhya,

      I have also heard that tomatoes could cause kidney stone. Its always better to remove the seeds in the tomatoes and use only the flesh. Not sure if there is any proven theories on this.

      1. Sadhanaraveen

        Hi Vidhya and Manjupriya

        Thanx a lot…. Vidhya i wud agree wid Manju, as soon as i saw ur mssg i went and searched for prevention and cause of Kidney stone and found that if one has to prevent Kidney stone then they should be away from certain food items in which tomato is one..if u have so much of doubt, pls search in google and u will get hell a lot of info abt kidney stone.

        Sadhana Raveen

  2. Arthi Selva


    Hi Sadhana,

    Sambar romba colourfula alaga iruku…Is that Lady’s finger in the photo,if so, did u fry it before adding.. really tempting 😉

    1. Sadhanaraveen

      HI Arthi

      Thanx , yes its ladies finger, all the vegetables need to be sauted before adding. Please go thru the recipe.Hope u will like it 🙂

      Sadhana Raveen

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