Mint Soyachunks Briyani

Written by S.Priya

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  1. abhimuthu

    I tried your soy chunks biriyani last night and it was a big hit. We all enjoyed a fabulous dinner. I exactly followed your recipe and got the right taste. The coconut milk, mint and coriander leaves combo gave a unique taste. As you said I did not add onioins and tomatoes which made a significant difference in taste compared to traditional biriyani’s. I will try this often.
    Thnx for sharing.

    1. priyasudha

      Thanks viji..romba easy within half an hourla briyani ready..try pannitu sollunga..u will really like it for the sure..

  2. Arthi Selva


    Priya, just now thinking abt what to do with soya chunks,by the way u posted the recipe.
    Soya chunks is very good for health. Surely i will give a try. Thanx for sharing a wonderful recipe

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