Milk Khoa

Written by kaviarun


  1. Suganswami

    I feel like eating immediately, Kavi… Very tempting… Looks like my Mom made… There is a proverb in Tamil… “Thayudan arusuvai undi pom” which means “The delicious food with six tastes goes off with Mom”… For everybody the best food is their Mom’s. So, I compared this khoa with my Mom’s as a default. Forgot to tell you… we eat milk sweets eventhough we prefer less sweets…

  2. kaviarun

    Hi Manoo,
    How r u? The only thing you have to do is stir continuously. In American grocery store I got only nonfat milk powder. You can use any milk powder. I used milk powder to thicken the khoa. When you heat cheese, milk powder and milk, the mixture will become thick in 5 minutes (in medium heat). It’ll break if it is overcooked. After adding sugar you have to stir continuously for 10 minutes(in low heat). So it won’t stick to the bottom.

    1. Manoo

      I am gud Kavi…Hope you doing good. Will try it for sure and let you know how it turns… Thnx for the easy recipe… Mams khoa is mouth watering but nvr feel to try as i will take 3 hrs. Pathu perumushu  thaan vida mudiyum. Cant try for now :(:(:(… We are reserving ur badam kheer too for new yr. I just blend badam, milk, elam and sugar usually to make it without knowing the exact procedure. Will try urs this time… Catch u then… Take care..


      1. kaviarun

        Hi Manoo,

          You are correct. I can't beat Mullai's recipe. But in this method u can get 90% paal khoa taste. I love badam kheer in summer. It's my mom's recipe so, i think it'll come good.Bye.


        1. Manoo

          Hiiii Kavi, its not like no one can beat any…..everyone has their own style. Extremely sorry if you got that iam sayin mams is the best. Both of yours best…:):):) I luv milk khoa… but i didnt try mams as time consuming. Just was lookin at it. Badly wanted to try but then couldnt as time was scaring me… Now got an easy one so gonna try… Will sure get back to you with feedback…. Take care…


          1. kaviarun

            Oh my god! Manoo, Wt i told that is correct. Mullai's recipes are good.You know i learned lots of recipes and suggestions from Mullai.She is a excellent cook. Pls. don't mistake me. I don't want to hurt anyone.


          2. Manoo

            It wont end i think… I really dont know what is there to be mistaken…You are not hurting any… i was worryin if i stupidly discouraged you by comparing with mams khoa. tats why said both best… of course both unique in their own ways. we all great fan of mam's recipes. she encourages in the first place. :):):) 

            I couldnt wait till new yr. Was so tired with work. wanted a real break… so made it… havin it and typing this msg…. slightly could feel the cheese smell… but the taste is awesome….enjoyin milk khoa… 

            a doubt… can i refrigerate it. how long we can keep it then… plannin do make lot and store… so can hav it time to time :):):) 

  3. Manoo

    it looks yummy…. But a doubt… wud the non fat milk powder let forming the ball… You did with it so it should be, no doubt… but i tried to make milk toffee with non fat milk powder once, it didnt form a ball… actually it did and all of the sudden it broke into particles… Also gave a weird smell… After that i nvr tried anything with non fat… will it work with normal milk powder. then i can make this for new year…. coz not time consuming i suppose…. pls let me know asap… it wont stick at the bottom too i suppose….. so would like to try… thanks in advance

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