Milk Bar

Written by taste buds


  1. kaviarun

    Hi sadhana, very nice…waiting for summer to make this bar for my kids….if u like u can add 1 tbls of cooked semiya to make semiya ice…thank u..

  2. abhimuthu

    Sadhana, Thirst quenching recipe for summer to come. I remember paal ice seeign ur pictures. They used to sell paal ice on Indian streets. Will definitely try. Simple and easy recipe. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Sadhanaraveen

      Hi Abi

      I was Longing to have Paal ice..donno all of a sudden i had a craving for Paal ice ..i had a tin of  condensed milk at home which made me experiment this recipe…hmm yummy it was….Thanx Abi for ur comments!!!

      Sadhana Raveen

  3. Busy Bee

    You should try with strawberry jam… I add pink colour too it looks like saralee strawberry icecream.. I know ithu konjam over… he he

  4. Busy Bee

    I used to make this when i was kutti for me & thamba… We get kutti kutti moulds with condensed milk back home. So I make this with those kutti moulds. Sometimes, i add jams too… I forgot it… Ur pic brought my old days…



    LOOKING PICTURE ITSELF IS TEMPTING, Here summer is started I need lot of varities of icecreaks to prepare. This is the good one. Thanks


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