microwave halwa

Written by sonu85


  1. gayathrimridula

    i tried this halwa today for my wedding day.my husband and daughter loved it. it really came superb.thanks for the recipe.

  2. iyswaryaa

    hi Sonu, Is Whole wheat available in Indian Store or American Store. Could you please tell me the brand name of that..
    It will be helpful for us to get the same taste of receipe when we prepare

  3. pavithra sureshkumar

    tried with chapati flour(light brown)…Halwa innu solla mudiyadhu…but i got a different sweet innu sollalam(sorry inga inum name vikala).
    Sonu your picture tempt me to try halwa..but without proper Ingredients i landed in different sweet.Sure i will try your recipe in your way.
    Thanks diyaa and busybee for your comments.

  4. diyaa

    yaa sure pavithra.

    make the flour as thick puri dough , cover with water and soak for 1 hr.
    mix water and dough and you can extract the milk .

    use cloth to sieve the milk.

    1. Busy Bee

      Chappathi flour is atta flour right… The light brown.. Use the white flour… We call it wheat flour in Sri Lanka.. We use that flour only for halwa… But it take 2 – 3 days for us to make with it. Why dont u give a try with a small measurement.ย 


      Busy Bee

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