Matar Paneer Ki Potli

Written by lajo



    Ya manoo true by pressing the neck part also it doesnt open, but trying a string some creativity in the recipe Iam a right and for those who are afraid that it will break it is safe to tie a string, the dough sheets should be little thick only let it be any filling.

    1. Manoo

      Oh… Creativity is good. Even now Iam thinking abt bows :)) We dont have those frozen sheets in my place (home). So when we make dough sheets we try to make thinner sheets. You can reduce the amount of water & give a try with the dough. Trust me it taste different. More crispy…

  2. Manoo

    Dear Latha,
    I have tried something like this back in SL. I just pressed the neck part & the dough nvr opened. But the cover was not thick as u mentioned. I was a great fan of Aval Vikatan, also I was so mad in cookin during school days; so I tried most recipes from it. But it was with potato & peas. Are you using thick sheets coz u r using paneer?


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