Masala Verkadalai

Written by anithashankar


  1. sivamahesh

    i tried this today evening. the result was tasty.. simple, easy even snack. thanks 4 this recipe. it brought back the memories of my native town madurai's hot snack stalls.

  2. Ramya Ashok

    Hi anitha,
    tried ths evening…but it came bit still a learner in cooking…..i dnt know what went wrong…i followed ur instructions exactly….

    1. anithashankar

      Am sorry that it didn't turn out the way you expected it to .. it should be in such a consistency where you can see each of the peanuts seperately. Drain the water from the peanuts well before mixing it with other ingredients. But don't dry them in tissue paper. Just drain . May be it could work out next time 😉

      1. Ramya Ashok

        I used tissue to dry the peanuts. peanuts were not sticked 2gether. Also after mixing, i kept for sometime waiting for the oil to leave smoke. so the peanuts became salty too. i'll give a try again n let u know anitha 

  3. Visitor

    I tried this dish with a doubt thinking whether the soaked peanuts will turn crisp or not. Because soaking and fring is completely a new method to me. But to my surprise it turned out to be super crispy and excellent just like the “kaara kadalai” which we get in lala sweet shops in chennai. I always buy them from shops from chennai and wondered how they prepared it. Good snack.

  4. Manoo

    I dont know such peanut fry exist. but we asked our grand ma to dip peanut in basen flour and fry for different taste. we love it. i cant believe that food items exist as we kids imagined… its so cooooool…..

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