Marble Cake

Written by Vijitha

I'm Vijitha. When i entered cooking world, i know only few recipes. Now i'm pretty good in experimenting new recipes.


  1. mohana kumaran

    Hi Vijitha, I tried ur marble cake. It turned out very good. I didn't have food colors so i used hershley's choc syrup. That too tasted good & looked like the one we get in starbucks. Thanks for nice receipe & keep adding more such receipes. bye for now Mohana kumaran

  2. Sadhanaraveen

    Hi Vijitha
    I love baking and ur recipe looks good..will try them soon and update u..Btw please lemme know if u know how to do icing for a normal cake…

    Sadhana Raveen

    1. Vijitha

      Manooo.. thanks for ur comment.. kalakala ma.. just keep trying until u become perfect like all SIO members…. Ha ha ha. Hope Mullai will read this comment.. VIJI

    1. Vijitha

      Hi Ssujatha.. mikka nantri for the kavithai….  neenga seithu sapita atha vida thruptiya irukumae.. i dont know how to put this in poem style.. very weak in that..:)VIJI

    1. Vijitha

      Hi Kavi akka.. You can substitue one with strawberry Nesquik powder or with nesquik chocolate powder too.. Can add any color. I just have orange, red, yellow and green color in my pantry. So  i added 3 colors… Will be waiting to hear how it turned out for u..VIJI

    1. Vijitha

      Vinita..You can use ¼ cup semi sweet cocoa powder.. Yeap u can use butter milk when making the cake dough.. No problem at all.. It goes well with vanilla, chocolate and strawberry flavour..VIJI

    1. Vijitha

      Shan you can try this recipe also if you like a colorful cake. You can substitute the colors with cocoa powder for chocolate and vanilla mix marble cake..VIJI

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