Lotus Root Kuzhambu

Written by Mullai

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  1. Mullai

    Hi Seema and Abi, these roots are almost tasteless, wouldn’t compare this to vazhai thandu tastewise, bcos the later has some flavour or juice, these roots are just bland.

  2. S.Priya

    I have seen this roots in Chinese stores, very good n healthy recipe Mullai..will give a try soon..looking soo yummy…

  3. Busy Bee

    This is good to control cholesterol…. good for piles / digestion too…. but back home the cut into very small pieces. Sometimes the add with dal too… good one mam… as usual…


    Busy Bee

  4. abi

    woww mullai, nice one, never heard this before……kuzhambu really tempting…… one question how it tastes…… is this taste like our vazhai thandu….

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