Lemon Shrimp Fettuccine

Written by sivamahesh


    1. jlakshmi

      Hi Jessy

      In US also mostly we get frozen shrimps ( fresh ones are available too), Just thaw them for a long time.. and wash them in hot water several times. If you are still not satisfied, u can soak them with warm lime water for 10 minutes and then wash them off.It should take the raw smell. If its thawed and soft then it should not take more time to cook.



      Jaya Lakshmi 

      1. Jessy

        hai Jaya,

             Tks for ur reply. i will try ur idea. today i finished cooking it. i dont know how its. waiting  for my hubby to taste.

    2. sivamahesh

      hi jessy,

           this is not mullai here.i am also one of a user like you. will u buy frozen cooked shrimp. thats the one we get here in US. anyhow, the usual cooking time of shrimp is 5 to 10 min. cooking long will make it hard. it suits for both fresh shrimp & frozen cooked shrimp.

    3. Mullai

      Hi Jessy,

      First, let us know whether its cooked frozen shrimp or raw. Cooked frozen shrimp takes a minute or two to blend with the pasta. Whereas frozen raw shrimp needs to be thawed and then added to the dish. Its takes like 5 to 6 minutes to cook when left covered. Better to close with a lid for few minutes to get nice pale orange colour. For your info.. Tiger shrimp (kind of shrimp and not brand) usually looks very pale even after its fully cooked.

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