Kondaikadalai Gravy

Written by kaviarun


  1. Busy Bee

    it dint look like gravy.. it came like some dry curry.. but taste was awesome.. i like it.. had paruppu thuvaiyal too.. he he.. got high in protein..


    Busy Bee

    1. kaviarun

      If u want gravy u have to add more water with coconut paste…And u have to remove from heat befor it thickens…..gravy goes well with white rice & chappathi….

  2. abhimuthu

    I love this gravy, rasam sadham or curd rice ku saapitaa.. avlo thaa. I will sleep well.. vera edhuvum vendaam.

  3. divya mubarak

    super ra irruku unnga channa …..nice picture..unga vettuku sapida varalama indha sunday….hehehe..lol..

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