Khichdi the Tamil way!

Written by cornstarch


  1. mallika78

    thnaks for the recipe.i will make this 2morow..
    spicy potato fry is an excellant combination with khichdi.and thanks to mullai for this wonderful site.i wish everyone a happy and joyous new year

  2. Mullai

    Hi Cornstarch, i did try this recipe and it turned out good. Biryani vaasam vanthu, my son relished it, soon he will be in full time school and this one is added under our school lunch menu. thanks.

  3. abhimuthu

    I tried your paruppu saadham for lunch. It came out delicious.My mom makes the same way but without spices(pattai, cloves) instead she grinds jeera and garlic and adds to onion mixture. I like all your recipes.

  4. Mullai

    Cornstarch, paruppu saadham pudumaiya irruku. I would like to try this with spicy potato fry. Will let you know. Thanks for sharing.

    1. cornstarch

      Hi mullai…do try it out…it is very nice…another thing mullai for this recipe tuvar dhal is only 1/2 cup…but i am not able to select 1/2 it take as 1 cups…how to rectify it. ???

      – anitha

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