Keerai vadai

Written by muralikalpana


  1. Manoo

    Mom used sand at the bottom and baked cake; but it took ages….You can also steam. I cant remember the methods I read in Aval Vikatan. There are rice cookers too to make cake. You cant do it will all rice cookers. You should go for the one tat can make.

    1. Vijitha

      Hi Pratheba..

      I think we can make cake using pressure cooker. But we should not put the whistle for this. Very sure about that.(Similar to idli)Hve to put some watre down and pour the cake dough in a heat proof vessel and keep it inside the cooker. You can surely give a try. Pressure cook it for 40 to 50 mins in medium heat. If its not done go for some more time.VIJI

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