Keerai Kuzhambu


Spinach/Palak/keerai is one among the very nutritious food which has a rich content of iron and calcium. It has a very good nutritional value when fresh,steamed or quickly boiled.Here is a simple way to make a delicious keerai kuzhambu.Addition of cooked thur dhal to this keerai imparts a distinct taste and flavour.Here u go !!!!!!

1 bunch Spinach leaves(palak)
4 nos Tomatoes (chopped)
3 nos Onion (chopped)
2 nos Green chilli (slit open)
4 nos Garlic pods
1 cup Thur dhal
1 tsp Cumin seeds
1 tsp Mustard
MarbleSz Tamarind
1 pinch Turmeric powder
2 pinch Sugar
1 tsp Salt (as per taste)
3 tsp Oil


1.Pressure cook Thur dhal (Thuvaram paruppu ) with a pinch of turmeric and 1tsp of oil ,for 4-5 whistles in the cooker.Once the pressure is released, smash and keep them aside.

2.Chop the spinach(palak),wash and keep them aside for the water to drain completly.

3.Chop the onions,tomatoes,garlic & chillies(Need not be chopped finely) and keep them aside.

4.Heat 1tsp of oil in a pan and toss cumin seeds for few seconds.Add the chopped garlic,chillies,followed by onion and tomatoes.cook them till they turn soft and tender.This might take about 10 minutes.

5.Add the chopped spinach ,with a pinch of sugar and 1tsp of salt and cook with the lid closed.(Adding sugar helps to retain the color of the spinach)It may take 4-5min for the spinach to turn tender and blend well with the other ingredients.The moment it turns tender(as shown in the picture above) remove from the stove and keep aside and allow the mixture to cool.

6.Grind the entire mixture to a slightly coarse consistency(1 roation would be sufficient in the mixer).Do not grind them to a smooth paste.

7.Heat 1tsp of oil in a pan and splutter mustards seeds and transfer this ground mixture to it,followed by cooked thur dhal.Mix the entire contents well for the dhal to blend evenly with the spinach.

8.Add the tamarinad extract to it and mix the entire content and check for salt.Simmer and cook for 2-3minutes.

Scrumptious Keerai Kuzhambu is now ready to be served!!!!!

Serve this along with steamy hot rice or with chappathi!!!



1.Addition of oil to thur dhal while pressure cooking facilitates the dhal to smash up quickly.

2.Number of green chillies used for this recipe can be varied accordingly.People who prefer it to have it very spicy can use 4no’s.

3.Do not cook for a longer time after adding the tamarind extract.



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25 comments to Keerai Kuzhambu

  • Suriya

    Thank you!! Tried this and I really liked it!!

  • divyasenthil

    Hi mullai,

    wanted little more info. abt this receipe..
    1 cup toor dhaal is 1 cup in measuring cup ? as the dhaal in ur snaps seems to be very little.
    one bunch of spinach means the qty u showed in photo is that??

    i do get 250gms of spinach here(UK).
    please do reply me..

    • Mullai


      This is recipe is from Radha but still I can help you with the doubt. Do not go by pictures.. they are only there to guide you with the ingredients. Follow the measures posted on the table. Usually a cup refers to about 250 mg, that's the toor dal and for the spinach… just eyeball, you can add a whole bunch (which here is about 25 to 30 stalks with big leaves). the more you add, more its going to affect the colour of the dhal. So for 1 cup dal use 20 big leaves. Hope this helps, thanks.

  • Priyam

    Tasted very nice! Thanks for sharing.

    - Priya

  • fathimaushana

    Hi Radha, I've read adding pepper with spinach is good for health in Aanantha Vikatan(vaaran oru keerai). So I've added 1 tsp peeper also with cumin.I tried … It tastes good… Thank u very much for this wonderful healthy recipe ! I've used sambar onion(chinna vengayam) . I hope you too use the same.



  • jeyalakshmi

    Hai Radha, trying your recipes these days :-) And this too came out really well. My husband liked it a lot. thanks for sharing!

  • Visitor

    My mother is from kumbakonam and she used to prepare the same with murungai keerai(drumstick leaves). The taste will be completely different,very yummy, and as you may know the murungai keerai is the one of the healthiest spinach among the spinach group.

    • Radha Arvindh

      Hi visitor..

      Thank's for this nice tip..I haven't tried making it with Murungai keerai so far.Shall give it a try.Btw, it would be great to know who has posted this comment.When u give us such nice tips it would be good to know who has given it too..Get back with ur name. 


      Radha Arvindh 

  • Mullai

    Our lunch menu today…. your keerai kuzhambu with potato fry. Simply Awesome!!!

    • Radha Arvindh

      Hi Mullai,

      Thank's a lot.Due to the time difference(between UK and US) I tend to c to the msgs the next day.Anyway's once again thank's and happy to know u had a great Lunch yetserday.Btw, I had prepared ur paneer Butter Masala..Ohh not here..I shall post it over there..Catch u later.. 


      Radha Arvindh 

  • RajiHari


    Thanks for the recipe. I have been looking for some dish using Palak for long time and finally found this good dish.Thanks a lot.

    • Radha Arvindh

      Hi Raji..

      Happy to Know that the dish posted by me was as per ur requirements.Give it a go and get back with the results.All the best!!!


      Radha Arvindh 

  • saleena

    Hi Radha,

    Thank you for this recipe.I generally don’t prefer eating greens much,I had spinach at home and wanted to try this recipe.It turned out well and to be frank my husband and I both liked it. Thank you again.


    • Radha Arvindh

      Hi saleena

      Happy to hear that u had liked the recipe and above all I am excited to know that my recipe has tempted u to eat spinach.Keep trying and post ur comments without fail.



      Radha Arvindh 

  • Priya Ranjith

    Hi Radha,

    This receipe is awesome not only this all ur menu’s are simply superb…..
    We really need people like you and Mullai who help us to get impressed by our hubby’s..

    Thank u so much…..
    If possible let me know how to do Palak Paneer…

    Priya Ranjith

    • Radha Arvindh

      Hi Priya..

      Palak Paneer has already been posted by Mullai mam under vegetarian gravies section..U can have a look at it.Thank's for ur appreciation. Give the recipes a try and come back with ur results. 


      Radha Arvindh 

  • Manoo

    Would like to try this, but i rarely eat rice or chapathi… So thinking wat to do… I cooked few vegetables including beetroot(gnanam piranthathu all of the sudden)…. But not feeling to eat…. coz it wont go well with bread… yet iam gonna give a try to this and just eat like soup…hair is falling much even after taking multi vit tablets & vitamin E…So would like to have some fresh keerai.. lets see if it works or i will run aways from veges forever….

    • Radha Arvindh

      Hahha ..Manoo.. I never knew u were so fond of veggies :) :)..Anyway's give it a try but then I guess U can't have this as a soup b'se it would be of a bit thick consistency..But tastes really good..Give it a go and get back with the results.. 


      Radha Arvindh 

      • Manoo

        I was excited to try few recipes frm this site when i was a new member. But it was just a month. Again stopped eating veges. All i eat (as veggie) are beans, potato, dhal, soya meat & rarely carrot, ladies finger & brinjal. Btw, I forgot what is thuvaram praruppu…. Amma cooks mysore dhal with spinach. I luv it. She does not grind them like mentioned here.. so i followed the method with mysore dal. It turned well. I had it as soup (I like thick soups he he). It was nice…. Some in the fridge so gonna have it now….Can you post the pic of thuvaram paruppu… I just forgot it…Thanks

        • Radha Arvindh

          Hi manoo..

          So finally had  them has soup is it?..Great!!!..Btw Thuvaram paruppu is nothing but Tur dhal..U can find them in many of mine and mam's recipes.For eg: check out beans paruppu usili..The dhal which is towards the right of red chillies(in the 1st pic) is thuvaram paruppu(thur dhal) and towards the left is kadalai paruppu(channa dhal).This is the one which we use for sambhars.Hope u r clear..If not let me know I shall post a separate pic of it.Mysore dal and Thur dhal tastes more or less the same.Except for their color difference.


          Radha Arvindh 

    • Visitor

      If you don’t like beetroot,try making beetroot halwa(just like making carrot halwa posted by mullai) and eat it up. or cook the vegetable with your favourite bean as ,a cup of beetroot porial made along with half a cup garbanzo..

      • Radha Arvindh

        Hi Manoo..

        I guess too many people r coming out with great tips and suggestions for u to have veggies..So why don't u consider this as an encouragement and try having them..Ur mom might be very happy to c such comments and above all if u start too, then that day would really be a very very great day.How'z that?? 


        Radha Arvindh 

        • Manoo

          Hiiiiiiiiii Visitor & Radha akka,

          I luv paruppu & passali keerai… I just eat like soup……… i have big appetite. Ppl used to stair at me eating a big bowl of curry & very little rice… I eat rice for the sake of eating….. Murungai keerai works too…. Although I HATE it, I eat as its nutritious. Few ppl get stomach ache for murungai keerai… So amma add lot pepper & garlic as well…

          I have no time to cook nowadays… Just eating chocolates for more than a month… 2 big bars of cadbury & litres of chocolate milk are my foods…. I am putting on weight now :( :(:( Cant survive without chocolates… Work load increasing… Although no stress work tiring me… Got another project today.


          However, will check & save those recipes. will try whn I get free…. Hopefully coming june only :( :(:( All the best to all…. I will definitely try vege recipes… And THANKS again for those tips visitor… 

  • come back king

    Superb! A good kuzhambu for a healthy supper. Love to eat with papad or kurkure.

    Will definitely try at home tomorrow.

    I’m your greatest fan and infact the frequency of publishing items need to be increased as we are waiting impatiently for your new varieties.

    Go ahead.

    • Radha Arvindh

      hey!!! may I know who is this pls..When u say a great fan I would be much happy If I get to know ur name..Pls do try and let me know how it turned out..

      Ya..I know I got to increase the frequency of publishing but then with my kid around things r bit difficult to handle..But surely would consider ur request and get back with new dishes as soon as possible. 



      Radha Arvindh 

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