Kalakand (Milk Burfi)

Written by S.Priya

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  1. Sonia

    Hi Priya, I tried this recipe yesterday and unfortunately my kalakand burnt. I had only cooked it for a total of 15 minutes and it got burned. What did i do wrong? the recipe said to cook for 5 minutes then mix then cook for 20. I cooked for 5 then for another 10 minutes. i took it out of microwave and it was brown. It still taste pretty good. but its just not burfi anymore, its more like halwa (really hard halwa). But i really want to try this again.. can you please advise on what i should do? Thank you so much in advance!

  2. Vanshika

    Hi Priya,

    The Recipe looks simple….I have a question with 1 cup of ricota cheese how much condensed milk should i use…..is 1 tin enough & also can i make it in a heavy bottom pan instead of microwave?

  3. ninjupappu

    Hi Priya ,

    Y’day i did this very simple and delicious recipe… It came out excellent.. My husband and my daughter really loved a lot.. Thanks for giving such simple and delicious recipe.. I used condensed milk and it completed with in 15 mins..

    1. S.Priya

      Hi divya, i used store bought ricotta cheese, but u can do paneer at home itself..u can replace ricotta cheese with paneer for this recipe..hope this helps..

  4. kavidheen

    hi priya the recepie looks so yummmmmmmmmmy,one quick question,r we supposed to use only microwave oven or shall we use our ordinary cooker,pls let me know.

    1. S.Priya

      Hi Kavidheen, i used microwave oven to make this recipe, microwave oven is good to make this recipe..hope this helps, sorry couldnt able to help u..

  5. m.viji

    nalla irukku priya.unga kalakand kambirama nikarthu thallaila almond,cashew,etc… ellam athuku kreedom pola…. can we alter it by using fresh milk idea kodungalen.. coz i don’t use milk pdr…what is ricotta cheese? namay ippathan kelvi padaren neenga munadi sonna sila cheeseay innum thedindu iruken….

    1. S.Priya

      Viji Ricotta cheese is italian version of our paneer, u can do this recipe with fresh paneer n condensed milk as u dont use milk powder..hope this helps u..

      1. Ramya Ravichandran


        I want to try this and thanks for a lovely recipe. Can u specify the alternatives for cheese/paneer and milk powder along with its measurements?  

        BTW, in the above line u mentioned paneer as alternative for cheese and condensed milk for milk powder right? condensed milk here means unsweetened version right?



        1. S.Priya

          Hi ramya.. thanks a lot for ur comment..if u r using cheese r paneer u have to take always 1 cup approximately 250 gms…milk powder is 2 cup..in case if u r using condensed milk, better to use sweetened condensed milk u can decrease r increase the condensed milk measurements as per ur need…hope this helps..


  6. Mullai

    Priya, looks like store bought kalakand, yummy!!! and the recipe also looks like a quick whip up, will try. Thanks for sharing.

  7. abhimuthu

    I love milk sweets. Looks like kalakand we get in sweet shops in India. Thanks for sharing this easy recipe. Thanks for sharing this easy and tasty recipe.

  8. seema

    Vow!!!! superb Priya, looks very attractive, but the sad thing is i dont have oven at home. Anyway, when i purchase a new one, will give a try. only in microwave oven v can do this isnt it?

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