Written by Divya Pugazhendy


  1. matilda

    hi divya,
    i tried ur recipe,my first batch did not came out well as per ur instruction to remove before it turns brown but for my second batch i fried the rolls to brown ,for crispy texture and it came out very crispy.

  2. shakthi.asuri

    very nice recipe divya. and presentation is too good. i havent come across this snack so far. thnx for sharing this.

  3. Divya Pugazhendy

    Mullai, I don’t think its Gajeera..coz, Gajeera consitutes more of Rava and no soaking in sugar syrup, I guess. Thanks for ur comments!

  4. Mullai

    Those sweet shells are glittering!!! This is one of my fav norukku theeni (snack), thanks for sharing. Are these called as Gajeera??? Do you have any idea??

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