Kaju Katli

Written by Mullai

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  1. vijipurushoth

    Hi Mullai

    I tried this receipe. the taste was very good but it turned out very hard. can u please guide me where i went wrongggggg. Thank u. keep up ur good work.

  2. kukoo04

    Hi Mullai,Smile

       Thanks a lot again for posting this delicious recipe.I tried it out and the first time only it came out very well.My hubby is a big favorite of this and my lil girl also loves this.Shez not much into indian desserts but this one she likes it .Thanks a lot again.

  3. scv.anuradha

    Hi mullai,
    I tried this recipe.It came well.
    My daughter like this sweet very much.When she tasted,
    she said yumm…….y.
    Thanks mullai.

  4. jyothijyothi

    hello mullai,

    i tried making this sweet 10 times from past 10 days but my katil is sometime sticky, hard, loose, and colour is pale white, y it is so.

    i powderd kaju in mixie and did just like you. when it start leaving the edge of the non stick pan i took small amount and tried to make small ball using my thumb that time it was sticky so i kept some more time on heat, is this step making my kaju hard.

    i have some questions–
    1.is we have to take out from the heat as soon as it start leaving edges, and collect all together in stick which we using to stir?
    2. i fry roasted cashew for some time and grinded, because initially it was not so powdered? how to make powder of cashew

    pls help me, i am fed up of trying this 10 time and not getting right, whever i see yours i drool like anything, plsssss help me giving some more tips when to take out of the heat.


    1. Mullai


      1. The resultant dough will be pale white. Store bough cashew katli include corn starch which make them look white.

      2. It will be sticky after taking from pan, you have to knead it for sometimes.

      3. It has to roll up like a mass before taking out from the pan, anything sooner will result in loose dough. Sometime similar to how kesari looks.

      4. I use a regular Indian type mixie to powder my cashews and it does the job. Try a coffee grinder or dry roast for sometime, cool and then grind.

      5. Rolling between your fingers is to clue you the right stage, as soon as you take off the pan, it will be very hot, obviously sticky, so wait for few seconds and then try.

      All these have been clearly stated in the recipe and discussed again in order to help you. Good luck !


    1. abi

      Hi amudha, keep the cashews in microwave 4   20 secs. then powder it . while powdering donot run the mixie at a stretch. vittu vittu mixie run pannunga try this and lemme know


  5. Abhi Muthu

    I made Kaju Katli for NY, it was so tasty. but you know what, i turned kaju katli into kaju halwa. but it was totally my mistake, my blender could not grind cashew into a fine powder, so I added some water to grind fine to start with, by that time the sugar was bubbling and I added the cashew paste.
    kinda kinda thirandu varave illa, so I was kindyfying and it turned it to cashew halwa. I think it was because of extra water I was not able to form a soft ball as mentioned in the recipe above.
    But anyway, cashew halwas was tasty. See I have the talent of making one recipe to a totally diffrent recipe.. 😉
    Next time I will try to grind dry cashews as mentioned in the recipe. Thanks for posting this, the picture was so tempting to try. Keep posting more recipes.

  6. Vijitha

    Hi Mullai. Tried KAJU KATLI today.. and it was awesome. Earlier i used to grind cashews with water. Now its perfect. . Thanks for sharing this easy way to make this lovely sweet. Happy and Prosperous 2008

  7. Vijitha

    Hi mullai.
    Can you please tell me where can i get silver varak.Going to try this recipe and will let you know how it came out. I know for sure 100% its going to be great.

    1. Mullai

      Viji, that not a big problem, you can fix it by putting them back on the pan, add few drops of milk and it will roll up again. But cannot store for long time, max of 3 days.. thats it.

  8. RajiHari

    Hi Mullai Have successfully done that.Came out too good. I like the taste and its easy to prepare also. Thanks a lot for such a wonderful recipe.I couldn’t get the smooth surface.Can you tell me any tip for that.

    1. Mullai

      Hi Raji, rather than using cup measurements, which again gives room for too many questions.. which cup? , what cup?, thought this way with the count, it would be easy for many. If you are making a big batch, check how many cups it woould yield with 50 whole cahssews. It cannot get easier than this.


  9. Veena

    Hi Mullai… I tried ur receipe… but did not come like the one in the picture… I guess i added the cashew powder immediately after seeing the bubble.. but end of day the taste was very nice… anyways thanks for ur receipes…

  10. Raechel

    Dear Mullai…. I have no words to thank you … needless to say you are a genious in doling out simple procedures yet tasty, full of aroma recipes…

    U r the best…

    Kaju katli came out exactly the way u have shown us…

    Thanks a ton!


    1. Mullai

      Hi Raechel,

      Very glad to know that it turned out fine. I persdonally know, how it feels like, when something turns really great, after spending hours in the kitchen. Anyways thanks, enjoy your treats, catch you again.

    1. Mullai

      Hi Latha & Rose,

      There is no hard and fast rule that you should bring to a thread consistency, I didn't follow that in my recipe, as I have shown you, the syrup has to bubble vigorously, that is when you add the cashew powder and needs to be stirring constantly till you see a soft ball stage. Remove, knead well, roll, cut and cool. From what you have mentioned, I guess that it has been left for a long time on the stove. Once it rolls like a ball without sticking to sides, take little portion… roll it in between your fingers to see whether it forms a small soft marble, remember it shouldn't be sticky, if it rolls perfectly…. that is when you switch off. Hope this helps, check out the tips under the recipe, your crumbled cashew can be used again with little milk to make katlis. Write to me again, if you have a problem.

  11. rose

    hi mullai

    i tried this recipe and u know the taste was awesome but it turned out like hard bread crumbs and i measured it properly …can u tell me what went wrong?

  12. latha.mn

    Whenever I prepared kajukatli it failed, but when I saw ur method it came out very well.previously i used to wet grind the kaju,anyways this method worked ,main thing my children loved the sweet very much

    1. Mullai

      Hi Latha,

       Thanks, this is the most easiest of all sweet recipes, initially I too had the same problem, after quite a few failures, mastered the trick from a friend in India. BTW your doing a great job out there sharing wonderful recipes, especially Dhokla… yum, got to try it.

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