Kadai Paneer

Written by ssujatha


  1. Jaanvi

    Hi ssujatha,

    The recipe is very tasty same as i have tasted in the resturant,I was looking for this recipe from long time thank you so much for sharing this recipe with us.

    Thanks Jaanvi.

    1. ssujatha

      hi priya,

           Usually it is added to get the authentic taste,since capsicum has its own aroma and enhances the flavour of this dish.

          If u want u can try without that…

  2. sri


    I just found ur website when i was looking for a recipe on spring rolls. I love ur site. I am not a great cook,but I want to learn. You r doing a great job. Keep it up.

    I have a doubt in the “Kadai paneer” recipe. You said to “pound the red chillies and the corriander seeds together”. But in the next paragraph you said “In a wok add corriander seeds”. So do u use 1tsp of corriander seeds in each part? It would be great if u could clarify this. Thanks.

    1. ssujatha

      hi sri,

          sorry abt that.As i have said in the instruction u can add the whole coriander seeds ,but its optional ,in that  case add 1tsp of whole coriander seeds.The coriander seeds in group 1 has to be pounded.


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