Jujubes Candies

Written by S.Priya

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  1. jlakshmi


    I am planning t o make these, I could not get Gelatin sheets, but I bought gelatin Mix. The contents in the package says it already has sugar. Is that the same or is there a different gelatin mix.


    1. priyasudha

      Hi Lakshmi..

      I used gelatin sheets, even if u want to use gelatin mix try to get them without sugar, i have already seen gelatin powder without sugar here…hope u will get them..


  2. jlakshmi

    My all time favorite when i was a kid… Mmm.. surely I am going to crack this one. Will let u know next week.Priya Eppidi ungalae entha mathiri varietya yosichu poda mudiuthu. Appreciate all ur efforts.


  3. abhimuthu

    These are good candies. I love to chew these and extract the juice from the candies. Kids ofcourse wil surely love these. Have not made at home. will try soon. Thanks.

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