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  1. Yuva

    Hi all badam pisni or kadal paasi (agar agar) even nannari also is available in nattu medical shops in chennai. Lot of shops available just opp road to express avenue in royapet. Enjoy:)

  2. Sowmiyanarayanan

    Jigarthanda is now available at Besant Nagar Beach in the name of “Jigar Dhoodh”. U can try it out thr. Its yummy.

  3. divya mubarak

    superana recipe…..inga i will get rose essence kandippa try pannitu sollarane.badam pisina patthi konjam sollunga.???thank u viji

  4. Sadhanaraveen

    superaairukku Viji…aana wat is Badam pisin? pls lemme know…will definitely try this recipe for sure.

    Sadhana Raveen

  5. abhimuthu

    Nice recipe for summer viji. What is badam pisin? is it almond outer skin? Can we take almonds and make badam pisin out of it or it is something different.
    I will try to find china grass here. Thanks

  6. Suganswami

    Yummy recipe, Viji…Want to have now..

    Felt like reading an article…Thanks for making your recipe informative, too..

    I’ve the same question about badam pisin, too…

  7. priyasudha

    Wow mouth watering…Badam pisin yenga kedaikum’nu inga terla..would love to try it very soon..thanks for posting such a nice Drinks..

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