Javarisi vathal

Written by kaviarun


  1. Mullai

    Kavi's Javarisi Vathal.. my last weekend project. These dried out perfect, took about 6 days as I couldn't get bright sunshine in my apartment window. Still managed to dry and turned into white fluffy lillies when fried.. and there was crunch and munch echos. Thanks a bunch to Kavi for sharing such a great recipe which many would never dare to attempt.

  2. Mullai

    Kavi, breakla I tried ur varthal. Still in drying process, will upload here tomorrow. Just a small doubts, tried mine with pearl javarisi but color of it looks grey after drying. Your varthal looks light yello, did u use any colour??

    1. kaviarun

      Oh Mullai, just  saw the msg…. No Mullai, i didn't use any color, i used only green chilli (5)…so the vatral was very hot in taste….so while posting the recipe i reduced the g.chili amount…thats it.

      1. Mullai

        Guess it might be the green chili, mine were tiny ones. Anyway fine, it came out well Kavi, oray mazhai here.. will upload when I get a break today. thanks.

  3. Arthi Selva


    Kavi, Very tasty vathal.. I like this vathal very much.Thanx for sharing..
    U r giving traditional recipes…Very nice

  4. jeyalakshmi

    Hi Kavi, thanks a lot for this recipe..I love vathal 🙂 And the drying procedure reminded me of my grand-grand mother who used to come to my home during summer holidays to prepare vathal (kanji & muruku). She was an expert! thanks for the recipe.

  5. ssujatha

    hi kavi,
    nalla iruku..supera iruku ..excellent…dool…vera ethavathu varthai irukanu thediparkren..superrrrrrr…kalakeetinga.

  6. M Divya

    Hi Kavi, summer speciala…yennoda amma nybagam vandhuchu..we used to do it every summer and store the vatral….thanks…super recipe…i love this vatral….
    Divya Mubarak

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