Jalapeno Poppers

Written by Mullai

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  1. shan

    Dear mullai ma’am, thinking to prepare this as an appetizer for a party, may be we will make around 70 poppers (35*2)so when should start deep frying it. Or what would be your choice of appetizer for a party’s both veggie and non-veggie appetizer for 40 persons ? Pls give me your suggestion ma’am.

  2. shan

    Mullai, what kind of sauce/dip would be perfect for Jalapeno Popppers except Tomato ketchup..Or any kind of chuttney which would goes well ? B'coz 10 friends are coming this week-end and going to make this as an appetizer

    1. Mullai

      Any supermarket or grocery chain should carry this produce. Check your local farmers market too.  Sometimes, you can also see this at Super Walmart.

    1. Mullai


      Its available in all American grocery store chains. Check any grocery chain in your area. It should be close to frozen aisle where they have the cheese and milk products. Super Walmart should have this product.

  3. shan

    Mullai, i tried Jalapeno Poppers y'day, really good…thanx. Also i tried Gutti Venkaya Koora – simply superb taste excellent recipe. We are vegetarian…so trying only veggie recipes…

  4. Nithya

    Hi Mullai,
    Tried it today with onion and chives cream.Taste was gud..but i felt verrrry hot with non stop hiccups.But truly it was tasty.

  5. kaberi

    hey mullai,very nice recipes..we used to have this at hyderabad at the street side stalls.still fresh memories.i have a doubt,wht brand cream cheese you used here.and will it be good if i use home made bread crumbs.and for that do you have any suggestions.?thanks in advance.

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