Instant Mango Pickle

Written by ssujatha


  1. deepthy

    hai sujatha
    thanx for sharing this recipe.its one of my favorite,easy and tasty pickle.In my place they used 2 make different way but urs is entirely different and tasty too.i tried it 2day and the outcome is very good.thanx

  2. Manoo

    Hiiiiiiiiii Sujatha,

    I hav been looking 4 this recipe. I had this in cennai. It did not taste like pickle. So, I was wondering how the made it. I don't know whether I can get mango in m'sia. This is a developed country but has nothing. We have to roam aroun to get a small thing…grrrrrrrrrr…… but cant wait to try this… Thank you………………

    1. ssujatha

      Hi manoo,

          how r u?how did u do your exams….r u free from ur exam tensions.

         Is it so u dont get mango in malayasia.i have one of my aunty over there,i will ask her and let you know where u will get them….


      1. Manoo

        Hi Sujatha,

        Yea 3 papers went well but we all messed up 1 ppr. We deserve fail 4 tat ppr as we nvr attend that class. Its not our fault as the lect himself cuts classes… he he… Na we will at least get pass for tat….

        Yea much free. But stressed out as I cant go back home – The road is closed coz of war. So need to do some course here no matter its useful or not. Will try to make some thing & post here as well… 4 month vacation….. hate it…..

        Thanks 4 being soooooooooo nice. Lookin forward to hearing from u…. – to try mango pickle

        With luv


  3. Shanthi Mary


    Thanks for ur recipe. One small doubt Sujatha, for how many days can we store and have? Any preservatives to be added for long storage?

    1. ssujatha

      Hi shanti,

             If u refigerate u can use it for months and as i said earlier always use dry spoons.whenever u need take only that quantity and put the remaining in fridge.

          As far as preservative u can add few drops of lime juice  or vinegar after switching off.

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