IDLY (Using idly rava)

Written by rekha v


    1. Mullai

      Yes ofcourse, Idly rava is made from parboiled (puzhungal arisi)rice and Rice rava is from raw rcie (Pachai arisi). Moreover the the texture of idly rava is very coarse and grainy, needs lot of water to cook, whereas the other one is very powdery like sooji.
      Idly rava is used for making idlis and rice rava is for upma and piddi kozhukattais.

  1. shaliniprabhu

    Hi Rekha,

    Nice Receipe.Clear instructions.Great for all who dont hv grinder.BTW,Is idly rava same as sooji rava.If not,is idly rava available in indian stores.Let me know.Thanks

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