Idli Varieties


Mom makes colourful idlis & stuffed idlis. So we nvr get bored to eat idlis daily. Kids would love them.
1 cup Vegetables
5 cup Idli batter
Salt for vegetables
Black pepper powder (optional)
2 nos Green chilli (finely chopped) – (optional)



(1) Chilli Idli Adding 2 or 3 (finely chopped) chilli with the batter & make idli as usual.

(2) Vegetable Idli one cup of vegetables can be grated carrot only OR Grated Beetroot (pink idlis) only. OR Green peas (boiled) only *Mix the vegetables well with the batter & make idlis as usual

(3) Mixed vegetable Idli 1 – cup of mixed vegetables => carrot, beetroot (add in little amount), & green peas (boiled) *Mix all vegetables well with the batter & make idlies as usual.

(4) Stuffed Idli Pour little batter on the idli plates. Keep some potato masala & Again pour some batter on it – pour batter to cover the masala well. Steam as usual & serve hot. No side dish required for this stuffed idli.

(5) Mix finely chopped spinach as well to idli batter & make spinach idli-s. You can add most green leaves – As far as they are finely chopped, it would be fine 


Potato masala must be very dry. Normally you can use a 2 teaspoons of potato masala for one stuffed idli :)

Beetroot gives sweetness to the idli, it can be reduced by adding green chilli & pepper powder.

Srilankans do take much chilli. Plz dont ever try the chilli idlis if you don't eat much chilli.


Of Course Mom. Also Thanks to Mullai 4 Idli recipe :) ))

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2 comments to Idli Varieties

  • Maureen

    Dear Manoo– i tied the Sri Lankan rolls recipe and it was excellent. Please give a good recipe for idli if you have. Thanks from Maureen

    • Manoo

      Dear Maureen,

      Thanks for trying and glad to hear that it turned out well. N abt the idli I have only "kai kannakku" for normal recipes. coz I can manage even something goes wrong. so i nvr cared to check the exact amount till i start posting recipes here. anyways iam giving two measurements for idlis:

      My aunt uses 1 cup of udar dhal (halved with its cover) : 4 cups of white rice. Mom uses 1 cup of udar dhal : 1.5 cups of steamed rava. You can try for this amount.

      Some times mom uses red raw rice for nutritious. The idli colour will be different but the taste is as usual good. Even mam has given dli recipes. You can try them.

      You can get different idlis from idli varieties. you can try them without any doubts. Let me know how it turns out if u get to try them. Cheers

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