Idli/Dosai(with long grain rice )

Written by kaviarun


  1. swathi

    Hi, kavi iam using riceland parboiled long grain rice,
    i tried different proportions of rice to urad dal but am not getting dosa/idli. can you please tell me the recipe..

  2. surekhadevi

    Hi Kavi, Can I use this same ratio of Uradh dhal even If i m grinding with my mixer?…….. Since i dont have grinder…… Or else should I increase my ratio?

  3. abhitrip

    Hi Mullai, Thanks a lot for the wonderful receipe of idli & dosa.Tried out both of them & they came out really good.Adding soyabean makes it all the more healthy.I also wanted to know if I could use the combination of jasmine rice & parbolied rice,will that work ? Thanks once again.

    1. anoo03

      i tried using 3 cups ponni parboiled rice, 2 cups jasmine rice and 1&1/2 cups whole urad dal. both idli and dosa came out well. though the batter had the jasmine smell, idli and dosa did not have that strong smell.

  4. Sharmilla Saravana

    Nice Recipe. I tried it out today: 5 cups par boiled, 1 cup soya, 2 cups urad dhal. It came out so soft. Had to use whatever rice I had but it came out well. Thanks for your recipe.

    1. abigail

      Hey Sharmilla

      Did u use indian or american parboiled rice and where did u get the soy beans and did u have our authentic indian idlli taste, thanks !!!!! ….it will be of gr8 help

  5. iyswaryaa

    Hi Kavi, Please tell us the name of the raw rice in american store.

    Also i could not find Uncleben parboiled rice in walmart. Where can i get this? Is there any other alternative rice brand i can use for dosai and idlli. Please suggest. Thanks for helping us

    1. kaviarun

      Iyswarya, u can use any brand long grain raw rice and parboiled rice…..try in ur local American grocery store(like cub foods, rainbow, kroger, H.E.B…etc.,) for Unclebens brand enriched parboiled rice.

  6. sudhachakravarthi

    hi mullai,

    thanks for giving suggestions and if u dont mind …u have used raw rice in this receipe…is it from indian store or american store…pls specify them with brand name

  7. bhuvi

    Hi Mullai, Soya beans is a real touch in that.good idea. Thanks.

    I have tried with long grain rice…but the problem was it was sticky …like ganji…

    Let me try with parboiled rice. 


  8. ushhari

    thanks kavi, i tried making dosa with long grain rice and urud daal and fenugreek. it came good. but didn’t have the courage to try that for iddli. thanks for solving that.

    1. kaviarun

      Sudhalogan, try in Indian stores or chinese store…i have no idea about wal-mart…i'm sure u can get it in chinese store….thanks for ur comment.

  9. sudhalogan

    Kavi, no doubt you solved the problem which every south indian is facing in US now – i mean since we are running out of idli rice, this helps all of us to make wonderful idli and dosa. Thanks!

  10. sudhachakravarthi

    hi mullai,
    this is nice idea of making idli and dosa….but where an i get parboiled rice….? is it from american store ….

  11. m.viji

    kavi, adding soya,really very good idea.I’ve doubt to use l.grains for idli, b’cose we r in demand for idli rice here. u’ve cleard it now.ur dosa tempting me too much that too with kara chutney.Thanks for sharing

  12. M Divya

    Kavi unga recipe yenna madhiri idlirice kidaikkadha idathula irrukaravangalluku….helpfullana recipe…thank u very much…idli and dosai kanna parikudhu….nice idea…. Divya Mubarak

  13. cutie

    Hi all, Try using aval instead of soya bean(if u don't have any). For 4 cups rice ,add 1 cup soaked aval ..Grind aval separately.If you add aval there is  no need to add parboiled rice also. I made this way and Idli came out really good and soft.

  14. abhimuthu

    Kalakeeteenga. Good presentation and soft idlies. soy bean and long grain rice is a good idea. will try soon. Nice attempt.

  15. julie80

    Hi mullai, i am a recent vistor of ur site. Now its like an addiction i check it everyday….YOU r doing a wonderful job…keep it up..i have a few questions..which blender are you using to grind idli n dosa?

  16. Thamizh

    Great try… jus wanted to clarify if idlis r soft enough even after refrigeration n use. For i tried to use channa dal instead of soy in my trials.. the idlis were soft only the first time after fermentation.. however dosais turn crispy.. please lemme know!!

  17. kaviarun

    Hi Mullai, I used Uncle Ben’s parboiled rice and raw rice is from my local American grocery store….thanks for giving me a chance to share my recipes.

  18. Mullai

    Kavi, arumaiyana yosanai. Thanks a bunch for this great presentation and idea. With Idli rice out of question, sure this would definitely benefit all of us. BTW, if by any chance you have the brand names for par-boiled and raw rice used in this recipe…pls specify them. Thanks again.

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