Hot Wheat Buns

Written by cornstarch


  1. sangiridhar

    hi cornstarch i tried ur recipe………i didn't came well …..i don't knw where i went wrong ……….but it was bit hard n taste less…….can u plz suggest me a plain/sweet my daughter like to eat……awaiting 4r u reply thx in adv ~~cheers sangita

    1. cornstarch

      Hi Sangiridhar, i haven't tried sweet buns. will post the recipe once i try it…and by the way…this one has to be kneaded well and also the dough has to rise well:)

    1. cornstarch

      Hi Pannu, for a medium size bun make a big lemon size ball and let it rise in the baking tray itself till it doubles itself before you put it in the oven.

      you don't need to flatten the ball.

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