Home made hand made chocolates


Very easy to make and can be stored in air tight containers.
500 g Milk chocolate bar
500 g Dark chocolate bar


1.Break the chocolate slabs into small pieces.

2.Put them in a double boiler and cover the vessel with aluminium foil.

3.Let the chocolate melt on low flame.

4.Stir occasionally.

5.See to it that the chocolate is melted completely.

6.Pour the melted chocolate on a clean surface.Using a palate knife remove the air bubbles until the chocolate becomes smooth.

5.Now spread 11/2tsp. of melted chocolate in the mould,keep one choco marie biscuit and press it,again spread1tsp. of melted chocolate over the biscuit and level it.
6.Same way nuts and raisins can be used frying them.


1.Materials needed are aluminium foil,double boiler or 2vessels one bigger than the other,pallet knife,chocolate mould ,chocolate thermometer,wrapping paper.

2.The chocolate should not be melted more than 48*C.

3.Water in any form will spoil the chocolate.

4.Instead of nuts chocos,wafers,raisins dipped in rum,walnut,rice crispies and white chocolate can be used as filling.

5.The same way white cooking chocolate can be made.

6.Cooking chocolate bars can be bought in departmental stores.

7.Cocoa powder can't be used. 


learnt in cookery class

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2 comments to Home made hand made chocolates

  • Thanks Priya, appreciate your sincerity! BTW, this member is not active anymore to answer this question but as far as I know, once you pour them to the mold,let them cool at room temperature and it should solidify. Freezing is not required but once completely done either finish it off the same day or refrigerate for couple of days. Thanks again.

  • Priya


    I just love your website. When I first got married and came to UK, I do not know anything about cooking. I even dont know how to identify various dals. Then my friend introduced me to your website. From then on I learnt cooking only from your website until I learnt. I used to religiously follow your recipe instructions, will never add any ingredient more than that is specified. My friend used to tease me saying if Mullai says 150 mustard seeds, I will even count and put them exactly :-) such was my dedication. Today am a better cook, if not a good one. All credits goes to you Mullai. Keep up the good work. Not only your recipes , even the guests recipes are very good, specially Radha Arvind’s bisi bele bath. Thanks to all the guests as well.

    I mailed you to ask if any baking is required after pouring the chocolates into their moulds? Or should we just freeze it and thats it done. Apologise me if this is a silly question :) Help your disciple :-)


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