Herbal neer mor

Written by m.viji

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  1. jlakshmi

    Hi Viji

    I have quite some grown in my garden ( like weeds) in US. One chinese friend told that it is an edible leaf in their country, that looks like valllarai to me, but scared to eat without confirmation. Can I upload my picture to you and can you please confirm ?


  2. shalinivenkatesh

    seems to be quite healthy and tempting too… can u please let me know the english or hindi name of vallari leaves?

    1. m.viji

      Thanks shalini. In english it is called Indian Pennywort / Pennuwort. U check this in my Valarai Masiyal comments Mullai mentioned other language names for Vallarai. Some(south indian) are saying bhrami is vallarai in hindi. After some searching i found, Brahmi leaves are different than Vallarai so i'm not sure abt the name in hindi. U check the leaves while purchasing it. It is also available in Delhi. i saw this Vallarai in delhi

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