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31 comments to Rules

  • Vishnupriya

    Your site is just awesome, cant stop exploring, need a favor in understanding more, can you please let me know how much is 1 cup?

  • chimob

    hi nice site it is

  • tilie

    i just found out this site and im so happy cant wait to start cooking.
    but i do have a question what is no or nos in the ingredients? i think i know but if you can tell me just to be sure.

  • Wootle

    Hello, great site!

    I tried the “contact” method of asking my question, but got a failure notice. I’m not sure where to ask this: I just registered… is there a way of saving recipes to my “account” to retrieve later? I can’t print them all out, unfortunately, but wanted to keep track of my favorites.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Thanks for letting us know about the contact form. The problem is resolved now. We are still working on adding more features to the site including the favorites. Look for it soon…

  • suja


    Whenever I go to the forums page /request recipe, I get this message :
    You are not allowed to post a new forum topic.

    How can I get past this or can you give my id enough privileges to do request recipe etc.

    Thanks -Suja

    • Mullai


      Some of the features have been turned off temporarily due to heavy spam which makes the site very slow. You can send me an email thru feedback, make sure to check your guestbook,  sometimes you might get answers quickly. Thanks.

  • helenadanu

    hw much is 1 cup??

  • priyadarsinisidharrthan

    Dear Mullai,

    i too love to cook but am not able to do so. i have a fear for cooking. my husband is diabetic and a very fussy eater, so it is very difficult to cook for him. all these days we had cooks at home but recently have stopped all of them. i have a 10 month old baby, but i give her only cerelac. she does not wish to eat even parruppu saadam. how to cook tasty food for my baby and hubby? how to get over the fear of cooking? please help me?

    Priyadarsini sidharrthan

  • lakshmi raju

    i have just gone through the chicken biryani. It was looking yummy and wonderful. But I have question here??? Icup is equal to ????? Could you tell me in grams please…

    Thanks in advance

  • geetha ramesh

    I searched for all these receipes what u are having in this site, it is really very good, thanks & thanks a lot.

  • swethaskannan

    hi mullai,
    i have not been usng this site for a long time .. but i have seen some fantastic recipes here and my friend whos is ur regular user keeps saying how well she could make different things.. its a great effort from ur side and i just thot since u have allowed me to be a member of ur previledged site i wud just thank you..
    Keep the good job going.. regs swetha

  • dinesh123

    Hi Mullai,
    I discovered your site a couple of weeks ago and am very impressed. I tried the butter chicken last week and it turned out great. I am trying the chicken tikka masala today…will let you know how it turns out.
    It will be great when you manage to get the videos on your site. Keep up the good work.

  • Amuthavalli Arasu

    Nice service. Enjoying with your web —– with plenty of receipies. Keep going………. Thanks……Thanks…..

  • iksaro

    Hi Mullai,I prepared mysorepak.It was superpppppppp…….
    Thanks a lot for your picturised explanation…

  • jayanthimanickavel

    i just want to know what i must enter for bookmarsks and buddylist.please help

  • Cooky

    I had added some recipes to my favorites, how do i retrive it. cooky

    • Mullai

      Cooky, when you login it will show up automatically on the left side bar as Bookmarks. Just above the upcoming birthday list. Thanks.

  • jeyalakshmi


    How do I know who rated my recipe?


  • estilo

    hi , i want to know what is the measure of 1 T , tbsp, tsp . mentioned in the ingredients table .

  • Mrs.sarah

    wonderul site , getting interested in cooking which i never liked, trying out the dishes….

  • Aruna Krishnan

    I am learning a lot from this site. Wonderful job guys !!!

  • SumithaDinesh


    Do u have any option to add multiple pictures(for eg., a single step in an recipe may take many photos like 2 or more photos including consistency,ingredients so on.I would like to show that in an single photo.If u have any option to do this in your site show me the way.i am just pushing my head hard in me out ..

  • Aruna

    fantastic job mullai….. good effort and its very useful for first time users. precise ……..Cry and superb


  • pallavijain

    how do i post claasified?

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