healthy rice kanji[porridge]

Written by jayanthimanickavel

Hai Friends,

this is jayanthi mother of 2children and housewife interested in cooking and reading books and yoga.i like to try new recepies and share them with friends.i am practising yoga for the past 10 years.i am52yrs now but feel young and healthy at mind and body.friends who want to know more abt yoga can ask me anything.this receipies in this website are very useful and i feel proud to be a member of send comments on trying my receipies.



  1. Mullai

    Jayanthi, all your recipes are simple and healthy. Thanks for sharing, BTW pls check the help section for assistance and also sent you an email reg forum topic.

  2. abhimuthu

    This is a diffferent dish, I would like to try. Is it 1 cup of split green gram as well? Your beetroot chutney is interesting. Thanks for sharing.

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