Gutti Vankaya Koora

Written by Mullai

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  1. sugan

    I love this recipe. one day my friend made this gravy and she gave to me. i wondered 🙂 i tried this recipe came out very well. thanks for that. 🙂

  2. Sureka

    After reading some reviews, I was skeptic to try this dish but after cooking… wow it was so good with rice. I didn’t even take any side dish. This one will be in my favorites list.

  3. sSs

    Hi Mullai,

    Once again….amazing recipe…the best brinjal curry
    I have had so far.

    I tried Vangi bath with the green brinjal and realized
    that the veggie is a bit sweet and needs a lot of spices.

    I just came across this recipe and felt it is the best
    for this brinjal.


  4. great one

    I tried this a few times before with a recipe I have known but I wasn’t satisfied. This time I tried ur recipe and boy! was it yummy 🙂 As we eat light spicy food, I used a little less quantity of all the spices you mentioned and both my husband and I loved it. Thanks a bunch for this great recipe. U r awesome 🙂


  5. freakguy

    I tried it without SESAME seeds (it doesnt suit my body)but I added one tsp of Poppy seeds and it came out very good.This was my first ever attempt in preparing this dish.Thnx MULLAI 🙂


    1. Mullai

      Rajhari, Any colour will work.. green, purple, white, pink.. but try to use small tender ones (brinjal type) and not the huge chinese or Japanese eggplants, they are kind of too strong and bitter tasting for this recipe. Thanks.

  6. kalyanig

    Hey this is my fav dish & ‘m going to try for today eveng to surprise my hubby and will be right back to post my comments. Plz wish me gudluck for the mouth smacking taste to be same.

  7. guest

    I tried this curry yesterday.. it turned out very bitter.. I had put exactly the quantity mentioned above.. wondering what would have gone wrong. Please suggest.

  8. Sudharavi

    Hi mullai, I tried this gutti vankaya koora today,it was very very…….. nice.. I followed exactly what u mentioned in the recipe and it turned out very good. Thank u mullai.Smile

  9. kraechel

    Mullai… every time I make this dish it is always a bigger hit than the previous… looking forward for more authentic dishes…

    Great work!


  10. Mala

    Hello Sailu,

    If i have to make double amount of the recipe then do i need to add twice the amount of items everything specified in this recipe ?

    I am inviting over 12 members for Dinner. Pleasde let me know how to make in larger quantities

    Thank you in advance!

  11. Krishna

    Awesome Recipe!
    I ate this curry only a handful of times before at some friend’s place. I prepared it today for the first time and boy it tasted really well. Thanks a bunch for the recipe.

  12. Manoo

    Got my mixer so I tried this…Although it tastes good,I could feel the odd smell of peanut, and it was bit bitter… I dun kno where it went wrong… I peeled off the peanut skin. Also removed the tiny bitter part of peanut… so it didnt cause the bitter taste I suppose…

      1. Manoo

        oh is it…. i luv brinjals… but nvr found it bitter so I was scratchin my head to find out why my curry was bit bitter….. anyway thnx ss

  13. PriyaManjunath

    Hi I woud like to make the stuffing powder & store it for long time.So that it would be easy to do this curry whenever required..Kindly give me the measures for the large quantity.. Thanks in advace

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