1. Sowmya

    Dear Mullai,

    You are simply superb. All your recipes are excellent. Everything turns our to be super fine.
    Just one request… please post the recipe for Rasam powder. I tried few other recipes but did not turn to nice. Your’s will be definitely good. Blindly I can follow that. Please help me… Hoping to see the rasam powder receipe soon..


  2. Karen

    Like your site. I ran across it today. I cook some Indian food. I love Indian food and started to cook some recipes since I am over 1 hour from an Indian Restaurant and the one I love to go to is over 3 hours away. So I have been learning from sites, and books. At my age of 59 to start cooking Indian it is a little hard for me only because of my memory. But I have learned to get every thing ready and set out. I may read the recipe 20 times but I manage. I am going to try a salmon and a shrimp one I found on your site, They are very simple but I know from the spices used they will be great. I have made some chicken and pork dishes and rice and the spinach one I forgot what it is called , ahh Saag, but love to try new things. Thanks for the recipes and will continue to keep checking back and try more. They all look so good.

    1. Mullai

      Thank you Karen for stopping and taking your time to post a lovely comment, really appreciate it! Nice to hear that you tried some of my recipes and really admire your interest that you have in exploring new stuff! Any doubt.. feel free to post and will walk you through! Thanks again!

  3. Nanthini

    Hi Mullai!!! All your recipes are wonderful. I started cooking from your website 2 years back which was referred to me by my sister. Can you try to post these chicken recipes : Ginger chicken, garlic chicken, methi chicken, etc???

  4. cappuccino

    hi mullai, hope you are doing good. Waiting for your new post πŸ™‚ Hope your son is doing good and he must be busy enjoying his summer vacation. Take care mullai.

    1. Mullai

      Hi Cap, I’m good and hope the same, romba nandri for remembering us. All fine, summer vacation is going smooth but little hectic and will definitely catch up once school re-opens.

  5. Felicia

    Hi Mullai Mam,

    I am really excited to see your website. Its really awsome mam. Good work. So long I am searching for this kind of websites, finally got yours. your recipes are really excellent and picturization is perfect…. continue to post new new recipes mam so that we may benefit from that. Thanks.

  6. Heena

    Your recipes are simple and easy to make. I am new to your website and have tried preparing chilli chicken, it came out great.

    Your website is really wonderful.


  7. Mary123


    You are doing a excellent job
    Vareity of indian dishes in one place with so much creativity
    and the picture added to it is really awesome
    I have learnt lot of new items from SIO
    Thanks alot
    Keep up your good work πŸ™‚

  8. vani.il

    hi mullai.. tried some of ur recipes and turned out very well πŸ™‚
    thanks for the recipes.. ur measurements are pakka πŸ™‚

    could u pls upload the recipe for semiya payasam using condensed milk..
    thank u

  9. Priyam

    Hello mam,
    I am new to this website, but I am already looking through all your site tabs.
    I am not able to find the tab for joining your website. Could you please help me with it? Thank you!!

  10. neha


  11. anitharavindran

    hi mullai,

    Could u tell us some more recipe for lunch box for kids, its very useful for us who having very picky eater.
    And also i need recipe for butter naan(conventional oven or cooktop).

  12. suja

    Hi Mullai,
    Do you use Instant Gulab Jamun mix? If yes,do you have a favorite brand and why. Readers also can chime in with their comments.

  13. Aisha

    I am new to your site. It is my 1st time. I would like to request you to add recipes from Goa, especially the sweets and curries. Hoping to be here most of the time. Thanks in advance.

  14. Madhuprem

    Hi Mullai, checking your site after a long time. I was not able to access in between. Congratulations, your new look is awesome. Hope to see a lot more from you. All the best for your future endeavors.

  15. suganthy

    Hi Mdm Mullai,

    Hw ru doing?
    Atlast.. finally can login in ur website again..
    Really missed u n ur receipes πŸ˜‰
    Welcome back, dear..

  16. laksbaby

    Wow, Mullai, You are back!! Lovely to see you. Missed spiceindia and you for a long time.. Site looks more cute now. All the best..

  17. Sathya

    Hi Mullai, lovely to see the site back. But the search function is not working well – would be great if that gets fixed. Or if there could be a A-Z indexing

  18. pappoo

    Hey Mullai…Very happy to see you back again, refreshed and renewed. Can’t tell you how many times I checked to see if you are back from maintenance mode. Relieved now πŸ™‚

  19. Lasya

    Happy to see SpiceIndiaonline after a long hiatus in a whole new avtaar not only with exotic dishes as ever but also with a new, organised, revived look..

  20. seema

    Hi Mullai, very glad that i got back access to ur site. missed ur recipes a lot all these days………. i used to try every day, anyway happy now

  21. varshinigayathri

    Hey.We are happy that website is back again. I really missed seein new receipes. What happened actually.. I even tried getting some contact numbers but in vain..

  22. geetha ramesh

    I am really worried for not able to login for past two months, i just thought as i missed the wonderful site and i can’t able to login anymore. Thanks for coming back

  23. garumugam

    I am from Bangalore, currently settled in a small town in Ireland. As known, street foods and eat outs are the things we miss out when out of India. I wanted to try out indo chinese like manchurians, for which vinegar is most important ingredient. In the stores here, there are different kinds of vinegar like rice, white wine, red wine etc. Can you please let me know which vinegar suits the best for Chinese dishes.

  24. deejay

    hi…all i have joined this community just a while ago i was really fascinated seeing the photographs and the recipes which are given are so very clear hoping to learn a lot and share my tips and recipes tooooo

  25. Juliemanoj

    Hi… what happened to the favorites section of this website, I had so many recipes added to favorites & today I login after a long time & it’s not there… is this due to site maintenance?


  26. ananduae

    Hello.. I am Anand from Sharjah. I used to make Pongal, Bisibele bath. These are nice to eat when they are made hot. But after sometime they get so hard, it looks like a cake. What do they do in hotels to keep these items soft semi-solid. Can you let me know, please ? Thanks, Anand

    PS : I am a great fan of your Vada Curry recipie

  27. SathyaSridhar

    Hi Mullai,

    This is Mrs.SathyaSridhar. I am happy to join in this community, saw all your recipes. The recipes looking delicious and yummy.Happy Cooking.

  28. nithya0781

    Hi Mullai,
    This is Nithya from Erode.Now we live in California. Your receipes are too good…i like your name too…it’s very unique…

  29. Cappuccino

    Hi Mullai, how are you ? If you get time please post Malaysian Fried Rice recipes & Indonasian Fried Rice. Thankyou. Catch you later

  30. Augusty Flora

    Hi Mullai,
    I am looking for whiteBread recipe..i searched in the Bread section but i could not find this one.
    Can you please help me?

  31. montydtb


    Me and my girlfriend have just got back from india and have been ooking for good quality indian recipes so are very happy to have found this quality site.

    many thanks

    Tim and Jo

  32. theanmozhi

    Hello Mullai akka,

    This is Theanmozhi Martin from Toronto, Canada. I registered myself in this site, the sole purpose being to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Not only coz your recipes are fantastic but you are so kind and innocent to share all the secret tips which am sure most of the cooks wont. My husband too conveys his respect to you. We wish you and your family good health and peace.

    Warm Regards

  33. jasmineofnan

    Hey Mullai ,
    First thing recipes r soooooooo good
    I luv to cook , and ur websites is really good. With this cold season , can u post spicy recipes , Murungakkai poricha kara kuzhambu was simply delicious , my mom used to make. cauliflower varuval mmm ora romba nala vanthuchu .Well every recipe seems to have is own unique taste and u bring the taste out perfectly. keep on posting …

  34. vidhyavasan

    Hi Mullai,
    U r my cooking guru now. Ur recipes r too gud and I love this site a lot.Step by step instructions with photos r really helping me in my cooking.Keep up ur gud work.Kalakkareenga ponga!!!

  35. anooo12

    Hi Mullai,
    Thanks for your recipe. I find this site has an helping hand for me as i am new to cooking… I need your tips for cooking rice in cooker. I find this site to be more sweet, spicy and delicious.

  36. recipe60

    Hi Mullai
    This is my new favorite site. I keep coming here to check any new dish I intend to make. I keep telling my husband that Mullai is my new cooking teacher πŸ™‚ Thanks a lot for building and maintaining this wonderful site. Every dish I made using your recipe came out very well, awesome site. I am going to make Murukulu next πŸ™‚

  37. kavisiva

    Hi Mullai,

    I am a new member to your website. Thank you so much for offering wonderful recipes. I have tried few vegetarian recipes, it came out well & tastes good.I am happy with your website.

    Wishing you all the very best to you.

  38. vigny

    Hi Mullai,
    Yours reciepies r so helpfull for the beginners and i was in search how to prepare Kerala veg reciepe s .Could u plz help me.


  39. bavishya

    Hi Mullai,
    Your site is no.1 in my favorite list from the day one I came to know your site through my good friend. I have tried many receipes both veg and non-veg. Thanks for the receipes and keep up the good work always.

    It just raised in our mind while planning for the road trip & camping. We wish your site to have a food lists column, that suggests a easy ToGo foods receipes which stays good for couple of days would really help many breaking head to make a trip move smooth. Think upon and keep up good work.

  40. Yamini Satheesh

    Hi Mullai,

    I got recently married and quite new to cooking. One of our friend referred your site and is really helpful..its been ready reckoner to me many times. Thanks!

    One more suggestion from my end..it would be great if you also mention the output quantity based on the ingredients measure you post. For example, I was checking Gobi Manchurian today…I wanted to know to serve 2..how much of batter to make or approx to make around 10-15 pieces..how many spoons of Maida.

    Please carry on the good effort.


  41. chocochimp

    Hi Mullai

    I am a new member but I have been visiting your site for past three months and tried most of your vegetarian recipes which turned really TASTY. Thanks ever so much. Keep up the good work.


  42. EatHealthy

    Dear Mullai,

    You are doing an awesome job here, keep it up! I am a big fan of you and browse your website for new recipes almost everyday.
    I have a small request. when am looking for recipes and half way through reading, when i want to see the pictures posted for the recipes, I can’t because I need to log-in to see the pictures. So when I come out of the recipe page to log-in , I cannot go back to the page I was reading before. I have to start all over again. Is there a possibility to fix this? That is , to include a feature which allows users to go back to the same page they were reading before, after logging-in?
    I understand the time you are already putting in the website. This feature will add an even more pleasant experience with the website. Thanks!

  43. krish

    hi i am a new member. i just went through and seems to be really interesting for i just love to cook. i would like to know more about all purpose flour. where do i get them , is it the same as whole wheat flour.

  44. kirthi pradeep

    hi, i am a new member.i have just started cooking. i hve a query. i would like to knw for what purpose,when they are used and in what quantity are dhaniya powder,jeera powder,gharam masala used.i am a little confused about their quantity of usage.

  45. hemamaria

    Hi Mullai,
    Your website is awesome with the most authentic recipes. But, I find it difficult to login everytime with the complicated password that you provide. It would be better if the users could have their own passwords like all the other sites
    Thanks, Joe.

  46. srimathi

    HI Mullai,
    Yours reciepies r so helpfull for the beginners and i was in search how to prepare dishes with Fenugreek Leaves.Could u plz help me.


  47. sujathaj

    HI Mullai,
    Hats off 2 u !!! i am newly married…. your recipees are the one helping me out in the Kitchen…. Now a days i atleast spend 10-15 mins daily in ur website to look for a recipee and it has become like a daily task… πŸ™‚
    Keep growing…. Wish you all the succcess and happiness…
    IN B/w Madhavan is lucky ! πŸ™‚

  48. sheenajajish

    Hi Mullai Madhavan,

    You are doing really a great job. I have tried lot of your receipes, everything comes out well. I love the receipe of Paneer butter masala. Its awesome to taste the gravy as in the hotel. Thanks for your receipes. I love this site. I started viewinf all your receipes since Jan 2007, but now only registerd just to say praise your work. keep it up…pls do post lot of innovative receipes. Kindly put some PIE receipes and some kerala receipes because I belong to kerala.

  49. Dinesh

    Hi.. Mrs. Mullai Madhavan.. You did a very great job.. I am quite happy with your site.. I am an Indian citizen living in UK. For a quite long time, I have searched the website for good indian receipe.. When I came across your site, I am very happy with that..

    I wish this site to get more popular and enlarge..

  50. Ratna A

    I am new to this site. I was just browsing for Mushroom biryani and found this site. I tried the Biryani and it came out good too. I really like this site and have registered too. I am looking forward to try out recipes. It is nice to be a part of this.

  51. maria belgia

    hi mullai, this is maria from doha and i am new to this site well i have seen chettinadu recipe’s (actually my hubby likes) let me try ur chettinadu kurma, chicken recipe and i’ll get back to u once again

    really its good to share ur experience with the others, specially for the new married womens

  52. megasri

    nice to see this page and it is maintaining by mullai is amzing.
    i am very new to this site and definitely thru this site will reach many of my friends, in brunei all my friends are forgot some traditional items and i hope we can get everything from here thanks a lot and all the best to u.

  53. shreyasr

    Hey Mullai…
    the website is amazing… the recipes look super simple… n the photos are mouthwatering…
    i was looking for a site which had innovative recipes put together well.. n seems my search has ended… the photos just make me want to get up n start cooking… its an amazing website u hav put up… congratulations n im going to begin with the hotel sambar…. shal post u n let u know how t turned out…
    thanks a lot… a total like saver…
    specially coz my hubby loves home cooked meals…

  54. Thamizh

    Hai… i have tried some of your recipes and all of them have turned out gr8. As a frequent user i jus felt it would be nice if users have a printer-friendly version so that we can print the needed recipe by a click of a button. Itz jus my thought. Thx!!

  55. Sujatha Ravindran

    mullai, you seem to be a hit in this blog.. well then can u give me a couple of lunch recipes for my husband to carry. not too dry and not to spicy… please …. thanks sujatha

  56. janaki.sivakumar

    Hi friends, I am verty happy to join this site. Mullai ur receipes r simply superb.
    I tried ur Gobi 65. it came out very my sons like that very much. thanks for ur receipe. Great job u r doing. Keep it up.

  57. ambikachnai

    hi friends, I am happy to sign into this blog. I am too happy that i am also one of the guest in this site. Thanks for sharing your recipes to all and also once again thanks for signing to this site.

  58. priya vel

    Hi Mullai, Got a query. Is there a way to do quick search of your recipes alone? Because, after “search” I had to check each recipe, to find whether it is yours or not. Pls. help.

  59. kavi_vicky

    Hi Mullai,
    Many more happy returns of the day!!!!!!!!!
    Hope you enjoy every moment of your SPECIAL DAY and all the days year round…..


  60. Jayanthi Senthil Kumar

    Hi mullai,

    Hope you are doing fine. I started browsing this site very recently and tried few items. Whenever i try something from the site, my husband says “Mullai Vazhga”… All the dishes that i tried came out very well.

    Thanks for helping newly married girls like me to get appreciations from everyone by posting simple dishes with rich taste.

    Thanks Mullai…

  61. rani1700

    hi mullai, iam new to this site..u r doing such a good job! i tried yr aatukalpaya it came out very nicely it was yummy….thanks

  62. freya

    Mullai! sonna namba mateenga! unga recipes ellam try pannuradhukkaga indha 2 weeks sa daily IndiAn grocery stores shopping panniten..My hubby got so surprised and was so happy..and i shared the food with my sister in law too..They were staring at me.hahahha! Finally ungallukku dhan nandri sollanum! u r too down to earth! and a fantastic cook! everybody in this site are very lucky to get u man!

  63. julie80

    I am new to your site.You did a good job .KEEP IT UP.i am looking for a good food processor for indian cooking.What is your recommendation?

  64. freya

    Mullai! neenga rombaaaaaa kalakkureenga..so ippalam. Mullai’s recipe nnu sonnale summa adirudhule..Love u so much mullai

  65. christy1978

    very good site by pictures for cooking, it is my concern that in nonveg categories there is no category like chicken, mutton or seafood seperate categories, In Non veg category all kind of mixed together, otherwise everything is really great.

  66. seema

    Archives pottirukeenga, superana varaverka koodiya vishayam Mullai, romba helpful-a irukkum ellorukkume.

    then, oru chinna request Mullai…ungaloda recipes-a categorize panni irukra maadhiri is it possible to categorize member’s recipes also???? adhu senja it’ll b even more helpful i feel Mullai, just ennoda chinna thought. i donno how to maintain a website and all. so ungalukku idhu maadhiri seiya facilities irundha, seiya mudinja it’d be better for newcomers to search categorically Mullai, tks.

  67. dvece

    hi mullai, I am deepa venkat..New to ur site…By the way, where in detroit r u residing ? I am here in auburn hills…

  68. thamari

    Dear Mullai
    You are doing such a great work.Thank you very very much.Few weeks back I wanted to try chettinad chicken curry,so when I typed it in google I found your web site.Since then every evening I use to check your site to prepare tasty dinner.Iam from Sri lanka and Iam sinhalese but my fiance from chennai.So I was struggling to make sambar,rasam for his taste.But now Iam expert in south indian cooking beacouse of you.Every time I make new curries he will ask me is it from Mullai.You became an unseen friend for us.Keep posting tasty recipes.God bless you.

  69. Mullai

    To Mullai, my dear beloved grand-daughter
    Congrats, for your excellent service in alleviating the craving for south-indian food of the newly-married sisters and bachelor brothers from India who throng USA as software engineers and on other
    jobs. Your website is a great boon to them all, where you have given numerous food items with their method of preparation, the quantity of the various ingredients used, accompained by photographs of the prepared
    items. Even those who do not know the ABC of cooking can become good cooks after a few trials. Thanks to you. God bless you, and grant you all the best in life.

    With Love,
    Mrs. Saraswathi Dorairaj

    Excerpts from my Grandma’s letter.

  70. abhimuthu

    Unga veetila innaiku visheshamaa? Solli irundhaa vandhuripome?Kalakureenga? Nice red color to the recipe and pasi illaadhavangalukkum thoondi vidareenga..
    chiken tikka masala super.. enakku ippo naa endha recipe first try panradhu nu doubt.. SIo members adukeete poraanga..Thanks for sharing!

  71. dee.diva

    Hey Mullai,
    i’ve been reading this website since a while now….
    you have some of the most awesome creations cooking in your web kitchen πŸ™‚
    Thank to you so many of us are enjoying cooking…

    Have a nice week ahead..!!!

  72. abhimuthu

    After marriage only I started cooking NV. Chicken mattum saapiduven.. Will try your your mutton with chicken to make chicken biriyani. Ok Mullai.. Have a nice weekend.

  73. shaliniprabhu

    Hi Mullai,

    Just came to know abt your website from my friend in Minneapolis.Tried your Masala Chai now and came out so well.Your job is highly appreciated.Cud you post some simple receipes using Tofu.Can we substitute paneer with Tofu ?.

  74. Arthi Selva

    Your recipes are very good. You have good sense of creativity and extraordinary thinking… Your family members are lucky to have you

  75. abhimuthu

    After your msg, Unga song thiruppi ketka try pannen, but the youtube link says it is no longer available. yes my daughter likes to scroll your home page is she can press the up and down keys and she sees new pics. she thinks that she is acheiving something by herself πŸ˜‰ Then I saw yaradi ni mohini today just realeased, nayan and dhanush.. appaa. vairu kulunga siruchitte irunthen very nice movie, lively.. ok mullai.. Have a nice WE. bye

  76. jaimani

    HI mullai..pls help me in this regard….where can i find indian stlye chicken i.e not a whole chicken but cleaned whole chicken…i tried Indian stores but that didnt work for me..i go for boneless and Bi-Lo drummetes…drumsticks..am not satisfied..And what abt mutton …I can’t find our mutton taste and what should i choose lamb or goat…bcos am not aware of these things…whats the difference???? hw long can i store?? really i cook upto 22 whistles for mutton in pressure cooker…its wierd..suggest some good stores…thanks in advance..

  77. jks

    hi Mullai I was just a browser of this wonderful young site..recently i logged in..I do want to share a recipe.how do i go about it?

  78. taste buds

    Hi Mullai…

    samachadhai parimaruriyo illayo adhai modhalla foto eduthukuriyae!!!appadeennu ennoda husband enna kindal panraaru..idhellam unga recipes a paathu inspire aanadhunala thaan.Btw how to upload fotos ,,,pls tell me i tried doing it but was not succesful sorry about that.

  79. catysaty

    hai mullai gud mrng………..u r rocking………..my hubby z great fan of ur recipes……..daily he used to ask me wot z new n ur site……….gud work keeeep going

  80. mathavy

    Hi Mullai,
    I have tried few receipe of yours such as vadai, chettinad chicken and chett. button mushroom and they have turned out well. Yesterday I cooked hotel sambar and it was good. I really appreciate your works and also thank you for sharing your receipe which has helped me to try out new dishes.

  81. Ponnarasi

    Hi Mullai,
    I have a suggestion. If there is an option for having a look at the previous day’s comments it will enable us to view some other recipes, too. Thanks…

  82. taste buds

    Hi I should say that this is the best site for people who are learning to cook and especially for people who are married and who are trying to impress their husband and their in-laws…i wud say that this site is the one stop spot to learn..and not only that..watever recipes u try from this site will give u the same taste that u would get wen u have food made by ur mom..Hats off Mullai for ur valuable work..keep going!!! I like all ur recipes especially the oatmeal raisin cookies are awesome and i try that very often and now i am an expert in making them,,me going to India on a vacation…and also in the process of shifting the house at Taiwan as the contract is getting over..so will upload recipes soon..hope those recipes will be up to ur expectation..:)

  83. kanchana

    Hai Mullai,I saw this site it is wonderful. I tried all the recipes it came out well. I bought the cusinart classic Hard Andoized Nonstick set cookware.Is it better product equal to calphalon.Please reply me.I am waiting for ur reply.bye

  84. nazreen_hameed116

    Hi Mullai,i saw this site when i was searching for paneer recipes.i think this is one of the best cooking site i have seen.the pictures of items and the detailed mentioning of measurements and mouth watering recipes makkes every one to try some thing new.i had pakistani mutton and pudina mutton in hyderabadi hotel can u pls post this recipes if u have an idea? thanks,nazreen.

  85. Cappuccino

    Dear Mullai, your website is a gift for all the ladies…Great website…Awesome Receipes…Excellent Presentation…Good and friendly relationship with members…Good way of answering…hmmm eppdi solrathu…Nothing could beat this…All your family members are very much lucky to have you especially your husband is very lucky. Nowadays my cooking gets better b’coz of you…Thanks Mullai – With Hugs shan

  86. ammuganesh

    Hi mullai,
    Thanks for the recipes in spice india online. other than recipe why don’t we share about the Kitchen cleanliness tips, cookery tips(if suppose a salt is added too in a food, what preparation we can made to control it), Vessels tips, Micro oven tips Etc., Thanks

  87. priyamohanraj

    Hi mullai,

    When ever i try posting a receipe. before i post it i make sure whether i have typed in all the ingredients. but it happens that when i post it i am not able to see that in the website but when i click edit i am able to see it.. sometimes i test my patience alot. i dont know why this happens.

  88. Busy Bee

    Solla maranthittan… Silly me…. Kalakureenga poonga… I also noticed it very recently may be last week… Superb… Mullai mam kokka? God Bless,

  89. Sangeetha Sathyan

    Hey Mullai, I came across your site while searching for gobi manchurian recipe, through Google and I am glad I did. You have a detailed blog with all kinds of recipes and it’s like a database which I can lookup anytime I want to try something new. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  90. Sumathi

    Hi Mullai….
    Your recipes are very very good,intersting and tasty.
    I really enjoying visiting your website and try lot new recipes.
    i tried yesterday Hotel Sambar.It was very tasty.My friends are enjoyed it.I used to recommend your site to my friends.
    Im Huge fan of your photos.



  91. kalpanasunder

    Dear Mullai,
    I like ur website very much itis very useful.i want to know the receipe of fish briyani pls let me know.
    thanks. kalpana

  92. reshmaravishanker

    Hi Mullai,
    I love your web site v much i tried out receipes it turned out well iam fond of cooking, your methods and photos are very good keep it up.

  93. C

    Dear Mullai,
    Definitely you and your web site deserves lot of appreciation, as i have notices that you are no only great at cooking, but also the way you spread this art, which is truly amazing. I am happened to your site only today, i went thru ur site for nearly 2hrs , i have found your reciepes are simple by all means, the photos , garnishing are much realistic and moreover the intereaction you usually do with your visitors which is truly commendeble.

    Cooking , One of the finest art, will make symphony only with people having lot of passion and interest for it… Mullai, you are really one amoung them.

    We must appreciate Mr Madhavan also, coz his one simple neagtive comment in the beginning couldhave turned your site down…

    All the very BEST Mullai

  94. Radha Arvindh

    Hi Mullai…

    A very nice website where in we find very good recipes..I have tried around 4 of urs till now and everything turned out well..Gaobi Manchurian and Pepper chicken were the best of all..I am a pure vegetarian but still managed to prepare the chicken dish for my hubby..He enjoyed the dish..Keep posting new dishes..
    Btw Is cooking ur hobby ?

  95. RS

    Hi Mullai,
    I was looking at your recipes and wanted to know about the kadalpasi/kalpasi. I have one big stone looks like a black padigaram! I do not know how to use it. You have mentioned in one of your recipes as use 3 numbers. How do I add? I have one huge stone and what time should I add this while cooking.


  96. Balaji

    Hello Mullai

    I just accidently browsed your site searching for something in google I stumbled upon ur site.. simply super great going ….

  97. Kushi

    Dear Mullai
    am a new comer to ur site .its simply superb.
    i like the way of presentation its clearly explained with pictures and step by step.Being a starter it helped me lot on my kitchen work and it earned me ‘good cook’title at home.Thanks a lot.
    I have a question ,can u tell me the ingrediants for preparing garam masala powder?
    I would be grateful to u if u reply this question.
    Thanks again.

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