Green Gram Sundal/ Protein Sundal

Written by taste buds



    my sundal always gets over cooked even if i leave it for 1 whistle. any suggestions to it?
    thanks in advance.

    1. anithashankar

      mohana, try to dry roast,soak and cook it or instead of using pressure cooker, try to cook it in a open vessel with water.

    2. Sadhanaraveen

      Hi Mohana the other day when i tried to make green gram it was completely over cooked and thats why i made green gram sambaar….all u have to do is follow what Anitha has mentioned or u will have to know ur cooker very well…in my cooker over boiling will happen only after 3 whistles but day b4 when i tried i switched off with one whistle and to my surprise it was over cooked…so its better we follow Anitha's tips as cooking soaked dal will not be time consuming by the method mentioned by Anitha.Thanx Anitha for the Tips.

      Sadhana Raveen

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