Green Gram Milagai killi Sambaar

Written by taste buds


  1. gayu1981

    I soaked this green gram for sundal, and cooked it. it was overcooked. thank god i saw this , the same day. otherwise i would have trashed the overcooked dhal. i made this sambar for dinner the same night. and wow…within half an hour, the small bowl was empty:-) excellent recipe.

  2. kaviarun

    Nice sadana….actually i prepare sambar in gram dhal(paasi paruppu)for idli, dosais…urs is for rice ryt? really want to try…may be tomorrow…

    1. Sadhanaraveen

      HI Kavi This sambaar is made of whole green gram not the split moong dal…i mean this is pachai payaru which looks green in clolour…..I made this for idlies and it tastes good with rice too..try and lemme know.

      Sadhana Raveen

  3. abhimuthu

    Creative name. You presentation is good and colorful with onion,tomato, chilly,coriander(all colors – white,red,orange and green. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Arthi Selva


    Hi sadhana,

    idhuku nan innoru name suggest panraen.. Protein Sambar.. lol.. We call green gram sundal as protein sundal when i was a kid..nice healthy sambar

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