Green Glass Jelly

Written by S.Priya

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  1. m.viji

    priya agar agar vechi evlo wonderfull jelly panniteenga splendid, very attractive, i’ll also try which brand china grass u used maron brand or else let me know…

    1. S.Priya

      Agar agar"aa yennaku intro koduthathey neegha thana..yes i did two recipes with agar agar viji..i tried white coloured agar agar for this recipe..

  2. Sadhanaraveen

    Priya i was very much impressed wid ur green glass jelly,,got agar agar ,,will try once when i recover….thanx for sharing and i luv the pic!!

    Sadhana Raveen


    dear priya picture looks awesome and i hav not tried any recipes using agar agar ,so going to try this priya and will let you know ,and i think my kid will surely luv it,thanx 4sharing

    1. S.Priya

      Hi AMudha, u can get them in Chinese stores, they looks like white n transparent grass like…these r algae.. check under topic.. All you need to know..i have posted a pic  as well as how to use them..

  4. Busy Bee

    wooooooooooooooo awesome (colour, shape, recipe, pic & etc etc)
    I remember dad used to make it. The 1st time he asked us to guess what was that. He even said that he will give anything as prize if we find it out. we could not as we only know jelatine jellies. Even mom dint know. Btw, We call agar agar as “Kadal Pasi” in tamil. Voted Madam 🙂


    Busy Bee

  5. seema

    Vow………..classic priya, pic paakkumbodhe romba aasaya irukku, jelly pidikaadhavanga kooda virumbuvanga, good work priya….

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