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  1. abigail



    Thanks mullai what u do is amazing and u enlighten amatuer cooks like
    me .I thought ghee can be made only by professionals but u redefined
    that and hats off to u .I am not trying to flatter u Mullai …Thats the sweet reality ..

  2. Vijitha

    Hi Mullai, So Instead of medium heat i should go for low heat right.Even i used Land O lakes Butter. Ok will surely try it this week and let you know.Thanks Mullai.VIJI

  3. Mullai

    Today tried with a pound of butter and its still the same process and timing. It took about 45 minutes to set, so the key is to make them over low heat. Used a regular thick bottomed stainless steel cookware and used Land o lakes unsalted sweet cream butter. Voila!!! you will be rewarded with wonderful golden ghee. Good luck!

  4. Vijitha

    Hi Mullai,
    I tried to make ghee today. But i have no idea what went wrong. Within 20 minutes it turned to black colour. I used heavy bottom pan. I tried with 1 lb butter. Can you tell me what went wrong?,,VIJI

    1. Mullai

      Viji, this is how I would normally do, but its not possible to go black in 20 minutes. Was the flame low??? Bcos with 2 lbs butter, melting itself takes sometime and then the milk solids separates. Guess you should be alert next time. If you see the colour going transparent, switch off  and remove from stove.

      1. Vijitha

        Ok Mullai, I kept the flame in medium, so i don't think flame is the factor. May be next time i'll try with 2lb. So that i can find whats going wrong. I have to throw that black color ghee right. I cant use this for anything else nah. I have no idea about this. Can u please tell me.VIJI

        1. Mullai


          Guess its not that bad, is it??? if its kind of dark brown you can still use them for rice and curries. I'm really sorry, a pound of butter is too expensive to throw in trash. Next time.. take little extra care and stand next to it whiloe making and switch off at the right time. Good luck!

          1. Vijitha

            Hi Mullai, Its looking black color. So let me throw that. Next time i'll try with 2 lb.. I think  i went wrong with the timings. For 2 lb if its taking 20 minutes for each step means i think it will take very less time for 1 lb.I dint realize that. I think for 1 lb butter it takes less than 20  mins to turn ghee. I'm not sure whether i'm right in this concept. Will try it next time and let you know. I got butter from sam's, so its not that costly.VIJI

  5. Anja

    Dear Mullai I just tried to prepare ghee, first I melted the butter then I brought it to boil, after that I simmered the heat to low. After 15 mins my butter went black. I used only 1lb unsalted butter (to try the first time) and a frying pan, could this be the reason why it went wrong?

    1. kaviarun

      Hi Anja, Can i tell u my way? I melt the butter in medium high heat. In 10 minutes the butter melts and start to boil and u can see the bubbles on the top. You can hear the sound. After some time the sound reduces little by little and stops in one stage(very little sound is okay). Imediately remove from the fire and add 2tsp buttermilk with salt. It gives u big sound and aroma. I add buttermilk to remove the butter smell(my mom's way).


    2. Mullai

      I use a thick bottomed stainless steel sauce pan. But still nothing could possibily happen in 15 minutes when kept in low flame.  No clue as to what could have gone wrong?????

  6. Sudharavi

    Hi mullai n Kaviarun…..

    I made Ghee with unsaltedbutter(land lakes brand) ,it came well like the same i used to take in India prepared by my amma by churning yoghurt.Thank u mullai i followed all ur instuctions and finally i used the tip given by kaviarun i.e.,i added 2 tablespoon of yoghurt mixed with water (to convert thick paste of yoghurt into liquid or butter milk)and 2 pinches of salt immediately after switch off the stove . It gave very good Ghee smell and taste also like amma's ghee.(Indian home made ghee). I will continue this process to make ghee ,both mullai n kaviarun .

  7. shan

    Mullai, I made ghee y’day, it came-out well. Some variations: i added 1/4 tsp of curd atlast (i.e the milk solids settle to the bottom and colour changes to golden & I switched-off at this stage, and i added curd, 4 whole pepper and 2 nos of curry leaves for enhanced flavour (after adding the curd the froth will bubbles-out). Usually in india they will use drumstick leaves, but in USA we won’t get it.

  8. Visitor

    Hey Mullai…Thanks for sharing the recipes..They are a real help..
    I wanted to know what brand of butter do you use ? I had bought unsalted butter (don’t remember the brand)..but ghee did not not come out well..It tasted and smell like butter..Infact it was neither like butter nor ghee after making it..We just couldn’t eat it..So I had to throw it away 🙁

    Please help

  9. Kavithajeykumar

    Hi Mullai;
    Tried making ghee,but it turned out as a slight brown colored buttery smelling ghee.

    I tried with just 1 stick (4 oz) of butter. everything happened soooo quickly and it turned out brown.Could you please help me on this…

    Your recipes are so good and I had tried a few with excellent results.


    1. Mullai


      Things to check

      1. Whether butter is salted or unsalted??    Use only  Un-salted butter.

      2. Whether low or high flame??????  Cook over low-medium flame.

      3. How long does it take????? Minimum 45 minutes, anything quick will smell like butter.

      4. Try to do stage by stage as mentioned in the recipe, final product should look golden clear liquid, with all milk solids to the bottom of the pan.

      Hope this helps and goodluck next time.

  10. Bindu

    Dear Mullai
    Now i have become a regular visitor of ur site. Your recipes are really good.
    There is another simple way of making ghee if u have a microwave oven
    you can collect the ” paal aadai” for some days & refrigerate it.
    When u have got enough of it, just place it in a microwavable glass ware, and in high power it takes abt, 10 to 15 mts, depending on the amount.
    The milk solids form a layer at the top, leaving a clear ghee at the bottom of the vessel.
    Mullai, just try this out, and u can specify the amount and the time correctly, i hope.


  11. samta.narvekar

    Thanks Mullai
    This was so handy when I made ghee fr the first time.
    It turned out so well and wow the smell of homemade ghee was just too good.
    I dont think i will ever use the cnned ghee now!

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