Garlic Chives Stir Fry

Written by taste buds


  1. abhimuthu

    Garlic chives is new to me. Will search in the grocery store. Simple, Healthy and tasty dish. Picture taken with good lighting. Thnx for sharing

  2. m.viji

    good creative sadana.adding this garlic chive with hari daniya in the end of tomato sabji taste will be very nice.. ethoda smell enaku romba pidikum….(after cooking) this is good for health…na neraya dishla use pannuven…

  3. Arthi Selva



    I have seen this chives many times in chinese market.But, never thought abt cooking that.
    Ok.. Pic looks well.. Let me buy and try this recipe when i go for chinese market next time.. Good try and a healthy recipe.
    Thanks for sharing

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