Fresh Cucumber Juice

Written by S.Priya

Am a simple,jovial, very friendly, talkative and energtic lover...


  1. kaviarun

    priya, Is it for me?….i’m thirsty…now going to prepare this for me….sugarcane mathiri mattum illa………..KNOCK KNOCK.

  2. Ron

    Hi priya….

    Jst nw picked ur mushroom manchurian…and again a cool spot..
    Luvd ur presentation…
    I luv water melon..can u post sme juice out of it..
    Lay ur hands in my fav fruit too….
    Waiting for ur recipe..


  3. Busy Bee

    ada looks good… But, i dont like cucumber… Let me try soon.. if i like it then will make often.. but thinking of tryin the first time makes me feel like someone taking me to kolai kalam… u should kno from this how i love veges.. hak hak..


    Busy Bee

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