French toast

Written by Aruna


  1. Madhavi

    hi aruna i admire ur participation in about everything. Your forum topics india shopping and others are very useful. I used to make this as a quick breakfast wen i get up late in the morning. But ur recipe seems differnt and tastier. nice idea to keep it oven to cook the inner part better.And I use sugar. think should not heat honey. Good job

  2. jlakshmi


    I am going to try this tom. for breakfast will let you know. I had bought half and half for Butter Chicken, I have about 1 1/2 cups remaining so that will be an ideal choice here.

    Will let you know on Monday.

    Jaya Lakshmi

    1. Aruna

      lalikrish , the main ingredient for this is "egg ", so……….?   if u  try  without egg it will taste like ordinary butter toast

    2. Manoo

      Mom makes with milk powder, sugar, a little bit of milo, cardamom powder… it tastes good… you can try without egg…. :D:D:D Tastes differs but tastes good.. 

    1. Aruna

      mullai its a french bread (fresh from the oven )and i got it from Garden fresh -in "cuisine  de france " aisle i think those guys  will make  fresh bread each and everyday, its good and better  than the regular wheat bread …..

  3. Sadhanaraveen

    HI Aruna
    My mom makes this for us…she calls it Bombay toast,,,,without honey and salt…good presentation.

    Sadhana Raveen

    1. Aruna

      sadhna and priyasudha , You guys were right in india its "Bombay toast" ….in Uk its "eggy bread" and in other countries its "french toast"

  4. abhimuthu

    I just now tried your method of french toast. It came out good. my daughter liked it. Keeping oven oven maked the outer layer crispy and inner layer is soft. Thanks again.

  5. Manoo

    I want it….. :(:(:( I used to have as my evening snack in my old college… They served with "KAYA".. That shop makes their own kaya… I miss it… Dad used to make me french toast whenever i fall sick !!! MISSIN IT

  6. priyasudha

    Hi aruna…

    U brought me back to my schooling days…it was one of my fav dish..My mom used to call this toast as Bombay toast…French toast very much tempting…

  7. abhimuthu

    Nice dish, my kid loves it. I used to prepare with normal bread. I have not tried putting back in the oven, is it step to make it crispy?
    Will try with french bread and oven method and let you know. Thanks.

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