Fish Finger[dry]

Written by muralikalpana


  1. muralikalpana

    You can use these ing as an option-pepper-3tbsp,vinegar-1tbsp,gin.&gar.-1/2tsp,salt 3/4tsp,plain chilli powder1/2tsp or chilli sauce-1 tbsp,turmeric powder-1/2 tsp.
    Saute these ing. with prawns without adding water till dry and dip them in batter before deep frying.
    Turmeric is used to avoid the bad smell of prawns.

  2. solai

    I find soya sauce being added for almost all nonveg.What taste does it exactly give.Is there any alternative item for that.I find it has a medicine smell

    1. Mullai


      Ofcourse, its kind of stinky!!, primarily its used for flavouring Chinese dishes. Soy sauce needs to be refridgerated after opening, orelse will turn too bitter resulting in what you mentioned. Unfortunately there's no alternative, except to avoid Oriental foods. If still, looking for an alternative, then you got to mix vinegar, molasses, salt, sesame oil, bouillon cubes and sugar. Rather than buying all these for substituting you can cut down the quantity of soy sauce used in the recipe. Try light soy sauce which has got a mild flavour.

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