Fenugreek pepper powder(For Hair)

Written by kaviarun


  1. khusi88

    Hello everybody…how are you all…I have just joined this forum…well i am here to have fun and sharing some useful information. Hope I will get warmly welcome from all members…

  2. Cappuccino

    Hi kavi, just prepared ur podi, came out superb. But, slightly a bitter taste was there, so i added dessicated coconut to it to reduce the bitterness. But aroma of fenugreek was superb. Thanx for posting dear.

    Have a great day

  3. Radha Arvindh

    Hi Kavi..

    Atlast found some time to post a comment ..Evalavu late post panreengaley…half of it is already gone,shall try to protect what’s remaining atleast..Anyway appreciate ur efforts to post such a valuable recipe..Surely shall give it a try.So guess ur busy and back to form after a short break..keep up ur good work.


    Radha Arvindh 

  4. divya mubarak

    kavi parrupu podi madhiri idhu supera irrukum with gingerlly oil…try pannitu kandippa will post u soon…divya

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