Egg Kurma

Written by cornstarch


  1. Mullai

    Cornstarch, picture perfect!! partha udanay sapta thirupthi! its been a long time and am glad that you are back. Thanks for sharing this tempting recipe, adding bulls eye to kurma?? that’s something new to me but pondering over as to why not? we actually scramble them when the kurma is boiling. Anyways hats off to your wonderful presentation.

    1. Cappuccino

      Eathealthy, boil the eggs with a pinch of salt and 2 drops of oil. Switch off after 10 mins and leave it until the water gets warm.  Break only at the top of the egg and remove the outer layer, u will get perfect eggs without pinching the whites…


      Have a great day

    2. thamari

      Hi, add some salt to the water when you boil the egg. After boiling transfer eggs in to cold water. you can easily remove the shell. 

    3. Busy Bee

      Immediately transfer the eggs under running water – Tap water…. and leave it for few mins… Even without adding salt its peels off…. salt water takes time to boil the egg….


      Busy Bee

  2. hiru

    hai cornstarch…u no wat?…dis luks very much lik mullai aunty way of recipe presentation…trust me…ur recipe n d presentation both luk really really gud…delightful…

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