Enchanted Kitchen

Written by Mullai

Modest, friendly and hardworking.  "Virgoans Rule"..


  1. Arthi Selva

    Dear mullai,
    You have a good positve mind. You share good things to us. you are doing a nice job.
    You can do a phd in samayal.That much talent u have. i love ur dishes. I tried most of ur dishes. not even a single dish failed. U r Simply Superb

    1. Mullai


      Eppadiyo vela mudinja seri!!! Jannala thirandhu Aaaa Ahaaa aa  kathanalum.. nobody would turn to help, namma vellaiya naama than seiyanum. Serithanay???

      1. abhimuthu

        AAmanga mullai. Correct thaa. Namma velaiya happy aa seiya indhu oru vali. Mullai neenga eppo vume.. enna menu post pannalaam, epdi present pannalaam nu think paanite irupeenga thaane.. Hope you take sometime off from your busy schedule mentally.. I know it is not possible for you. But keep up ur excellent work and we all love you and your unselfish motive to share your thoughts. VAzhga Vazhamudan!


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