Easy Baby Potato Fry

Written by Arthi Selva


  1. Mangal

    It looks Yummy..I tried cooking a similar recipe with baby potato earlier. But cudn’t as peeling off the potatoes was really an herculene task.(it was not as easy like the normal potatoes)

    So now my Question is do we really need to peel of the skin of for baby potatoes as some folks says its not required..

  2. aarthick

    Hi Arthi, Potato fry is looking great, its sooo tempting!! supera irukku pa, BTW Arthi, to avoid it from getting over cooked, should we cook on stove top instead of pressure cooking? And here in US, India madhiri baby potatoes enge kedaikkum. Can anyone tell me pl? I have not come across these tiny potatoes anywhere here so far..

  3. M Divya

    Hi arthi, tried out ur potato fry with bisi bele bath yesterday…it was nice spicy and yummy..thanks will post the pic soon…
    Divya Mubarak


    hai arthi i tried ur potato fry 2day for rasam rice ,with sambar ,fennel powders it smelled good ,inni sambar powder pottum vegetables fry panni pakuren,thanx arthi,all the best for ur future post

  5. jlakshmi

    Hi Arthi

    I went and bought these baby potatoes to try this dish.. Aanal konchum soft boil aahi vittathu. Result was that dish was tasty, but the potatoes were not visible like yours, but bit mushy. Next time will only boil for less time..


  6. jlakshmi

    Potato fry is always an excellent dish , liked by kids and Adults, this on with baby potatoes are really a big plus. Goes well with any rice dish.. Romba yummy dish. everyone makes this dish but with slight variation, I will try ur method and let u know. ( have never tried with sambar powder, used garam masala).



    hai aarthy i used to put chilly powder for potato fry ,ur recipe sounds different ,2mrw i will try ur version and will let u know how it came

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